Commodore PET Datassette repair
Tynemouth Software has repaired a Commodore PET 2001. This time he repaired the digital counter of the Datassette.
Commodore PET Video RAM problems
Tynemouth Software has repaired a Commodore PET.This time he repaired the video part by replacing it with a Video RAM replacement board.
The 8-Bit Guy - Commodore PET
The 8-Bit Guy made a video about cleaning and repairing a Commodore PET computer.
Commodore PET 2001 repair
Tynemouth Software has repaired a Commodore PET 2001.This time one of the 74LS157 multiplexers was the problem.
PET 2001 clone
Glen Kleinschmidt is working on a clone of a CBM PET-2001. The specifications are: 32 KiB RAM, BASIC#2, WDC65C02N (CPU), WDC65C21N (PIA) and a WDC65C22N (VIA).
Multi-EditorROM - CBM/PET
Steve Gray started a new project for the CBM/PET computers. The Multi-EditorROM is a adapter board that allow you to select any one of 16 different 4K Editor ROMs on a Commodore PET/CBM machine. The Editor ROM is responsible for all screen, keyboard, clock and IRQ processing on BASIC4 PET/CBM computers.
Retro Gaming Couch - CBM 3016
Retro Gaming Couch is an YouTube channel for the fans of retro computing. The most recent video is about repairing a Commodore CBM 3016 computer.
Commodore 8096 repair
Tynemouth Software has repaired a Commodore 8096. For the repair he used his prototype PET LCD diagnostics board. The fault was in the RAM chips.
Iz8dwf - PET 3032
Iz8dwf made a video of the repair of a Commodore PET 3032 computer from the year 1979. The faults were: ROMs, PIA 6520, MC3446 (IEEE488) and two DRAM chips.
PET keyboard - USB
AkBKukU developed an interface that makes it possible to connect a Commodore PET keyboard via USB to a modern PC. AkBKukU uses a Teensy++ for the interface. The source code is available on Github.
Mini Commodore PET
Adafruit Industries developed a miniature version of the Commodore PET computer. The 9 x 16 LED matrix is combined with the IS31FL3731 and can show many animations. The files for a 3D printer are available.

More information on the Mini Commodore PET.
The CGRS MICROTECH PEDISK II was an early floppy disk system for the Commodore PET/CBM computer. The PEDISK did not use the IEEE bus like the Commodore disk drives, but instead used a standard floppy disk controller chip. Members of the web page have built a clone of this system.
PET Diagnostic
Tynemouth software has developed a new diagnostic system for the PET / CBM computer. The diagnose system is placed in the socket of the 6502 CPU and runs a number of tests.
Space Chase - CBM II
Space Chase is a new game for the Commodore CBM II developed by Christian Krenner. The game is programmed in assembler and has a graphical resolution of 160 x 50. Space Chase is not finished yet, it still contains a few bugs, but it is already fully playable.
Rohde & Schwarz PUC
NatureAndTech made a video about the Rohde & Schwarz PUC Process Controller. This piece of retro computing is based on the Commodore PET, and is used for control of test equipment using a built-in GPIB controller.
Abre los ojos - CBM 8032
Abre los ojos is a new demo from the group oobc for the CBM 8032. The name of the demo "Abre los ojos" means "Open your eyes" in English. The demo reached the first place in the Wild compo at Zoo 2015.
Commodore PET 2001-8 Mainboard repair
Tynemouth Software is repairing an Commodore PET 2001-8. After testing the 6550 RAM chips it was discovered that 14 of the 18 chips were defective. Other defective components: ROM, CPU, a transistor for the Datassette, capacitors for the rectifier diodes and a power connector.
PET restoration
Stigsworld is doing an restoration of an Commodore CBM 8032 computer. On his videos you can see how to remove the rust, sanding, priming and painting the metal case. He also shows how to install an PET Micro SD and how to remove the monitor.
High Resolution Extension - CBM/PET
Frank Linde has developed a HiRes card for the CBM 8296-D. The features of the High Resolution Extension (HRE) are: Resolution of 640 x 250 pixels. The CBM video signal and the HRE video signal can be mixed. Control of the HRE through the User Port (POKE). Integration of simple drawing tasks (GPU). You can read all the details on his blog.

YouTube: High Resolution Extension
KIM Kenner archive
Patrick from has scanned the Dutch computer magazines KIM Kenner, 6502 Kenner and µP Kenner. He made the magazines available on his web page last year. Patrick has now converted all the magazines to pdf for easy access.
Portable KIM-1
Scott Lawrence made a portable KIM computer. For this KIM-1 he used an old plastic case he picked-up on a hamfest and a display from a surplus store. The computer inside is a Arduino Uno R3 micro board and a Seeed Studio protoshield. You can follow the whole process on his blog.
History of Personal Computing: Commodore PET
A new episode of the Personal Computing podcast is available. In this episode: Retrochallenge!, Altair 8800b, Wade Ripkowski, Commodore brochures, The Commodore bankruptcy, The Commodore PET 2001, Commodore PET 4032 and the Commodore PET Disk Drive 4040.
BX720D project
Steve Gray is working on a new project. In 1983 Commodore wanted to sell a CBM-II BX-256-80 / BX-700 machine, but it never happened. Now Steve want to built one himself. The specifications are: CBM-II 710 computer, 8250LP disk drives, 8088 co-processor board and a few extras.
Martin Maly has built an online development tool for retro computers. The features are: Code editor, Simulated workspace for your files, Compiling engines for 8080/8085, Z80, 6502, 6800 and 6809 CPU. Embedded emulators for all these CPUs and emulators for PMI-80, PMD-85, JPR-1, ZX Spectrum, KIM-1 and the Grant Searle Single Board computers.
Kim Uno
Oscar from Obsolescence Guaranteed made an replica of the Commodore KIM-1. For this project Oscar uses a Arduino Uno and a expansion shield with LEDs and a small keyboard. The project is now finished and is a 10 USD open source KIM-1 mini replica and a 6502 programmable calculator.
Kim Uno
Oscar from Obsolescence Guaranteed made an replica of the Commodore KIM-1. For this project Oscar uses a Arduino Uno and a expansion shield with LEDs and a small keyboard. The project is a work in progress and the future plans include the emulation of the 6530 timers and a adding 6 times a 7-segment display and a 23 key keyboard.
PET 2001 RAM Adapter
D'Asaro Designs is now producing 6550 RAM adapters for the Commodore PET 2001. The adapter makes it possible to replace a bad 6550 RAM chip with a 2114 RAM chip. Features: Fully functional pin-compatible. Batten and Allen PCB edge pins. Gold-plated machined DIP socket for the 2114 RAM and the necessary 2114 RAM chip is included.
KIM Kenner archive
Patrick from has scanned the Dutch computer magazines KIM Kenner, 6502 Kenner and µP Kenner. The magazines are now available on his web page. The start of KIM Kenner was in 1979 and was continued by 6502 Kenner in 1981. The last years the magazine was know as uP Kenner. The magazine lasted almost 19 years.
Video on the PET / CBM computers
Jan Derogee has made a video where he demonstrates video on the PET / CBM computers. In his demonstration he uses an CBM 3032 and the Cassiopei. The data for the animation is loaded from the Cassiopei and transformed to PETSCII. The frame rate of the video is about 12 frames/sec.

Another video demonstration on the CBM 3032.
Paddle Shooter - PET/CBM
Chizman made a new game for the Commodore CBM / PET computer. The game is a shooting game controlled with paddles. In 2008 Chizman made this game for the Commodore Plus/4, but this CBM / PET version is more enhanced with speech and music. The game can also be played with the keyboard on a real CBM / PET or with the VICE emulator.
Steve Gray is working on a project to build various Editor ROMs for the Commodore PET/CBM computer models. The Editor ROM is responsible for all video initialization, screen output, keyboard input, full-screen editor and IRQ handling. You can read more about this project on Steve's web page.
Floppydays - Podcast #6
The Floppydays podcast of last August is about the Commodore PET. In this episode: Better World Books, VCF Midwest, 2013 Chicago TI International World Faire, World Longest Yard Sale, Historically Brewed book, Commodore PET history, Commodore a company on the edge, VICE, CBUG, TPUG, World of Commodore, Terry Stewart, Port Commodore, Edward Shockley's Pets, CBM Pet File Archive and the PET Index at
Commodore PET games
Senil Data Systems made a web page about games for the Commodore 8032 computer. On this web page you can find software and games. Senil Data Systems also develops games for the older Commodore computers such as the game Gemäuer von Kalawaum. This game is a conversion from a classic Atari game.
Colour PET - project
Steve Gray started a new project. He uses a 80 column (monochrome) CBM/PET to display a 40 column screen with colour. A normal 80 column CBM/PET uses two RAM banks for the text. Steve now uses one RAM bank for the text (40 columns) and the other RAM bank for the colour information. You can read all the details on Steve's web page.
Ladybug - PET/CBM
Mike Johnson (Mr. NOP) released a game for the Commodore PET/CBM 30xx and 40xx models. In the game you must navigate through a maze and collect food. You can change the doors to keep away the predators. Some levels have faster enemy speeds and level 4 has an invisible maze.

Ladybug video on YouTube.
Stairrunner - CBM/PET
Martijn from Revival Studios released a new game for the Commodore PET/CBM computer. In this game you need to help Wizzy to reach the top of each building. But all the elevators are out of control. The game can be played on all CBM / PET computers except the 2001. The game is available on a real cassette or as an digital download.
Down! - CBM/PET
Martijn from Revival Studios released a new game for the Commodore PET/CBM computers. In the game your village is under attack and you must go and help. The only way is going down! The game can be played on all CBM / PET computers except the 2001. The game is available on a real cassette or as an digital download.
CBM 8032 repair
DomesticHacks is working on restoring an Commodore CBM 8032 computer. The 8032 is equipped with several expansions. In the videos you can see the progress of the repair and how to diagnose the CBM 8032. The videos are in the German language, the music in the videos is from Kevin MacLeod (

See all the videos of DomesticHacks.
Oil's Wel - CBM/PET
Mr. NOP released a new game for the Commodore CBM/ PET. In the game you must drill for oil. But deep under ground all kinds of creatures want to destroy your drilling machine. The game is written in assembler and is available for the PET 2001, CBM 3032 and the CBM 4032.
Commodore Pet 2001-32N (CBM 3032) review
Terry Stewart (tezza) talks about the vintage / classic computers in his collection. This time he talks about his Commodore Pet 2001-32N (or CBM 3032). He shows brochures, hardware, the inside of the computer, the PETDisk system, games, programs, documentation, etc.

The personal web page of Terry Stewart.
Avalanche - PET/CBM
Avalanche is a new game for the Commodore PET/CBM, made by Revival Studios. In the game you have to shoot the various gems that are falling down from the top of the screen. The gems are marked with symbols and the player has to match up the symbol of his ship with the symbol on the gems. The game is available for all Commodore PET/CBM models, except the 2001, on cassette or as a free digital download.

Video of Avalanche for the Commodore PET/CBM.
Die Gemäuer von Kalawaum - PET/CBM
SenilyDeluxe has made a PET/CBM version of the Atari classic "Die Gemäuer von Kalawaum" from the year 1991. This version uses PETSCII Art for displaying the game. At the moment there are some small errors such in the power and the awarding system. You can see a video of the game, including an introduction of the original game.
PETpix Video
PETpix video is a system for the Commodore PET / CBM computer that can play video images. The system is developed by Michael Hill (gubbish). He records video with his video camera, then converts the images to PETSCII images on his PC. The PETSCII files are transferred to a SD card. The Commodore PET / CBM computer reads the images from the SD card and displays them as a video.

Technical explanation of PETpix.
World's First: Single Board Computer KIM-1
On the video channel from mkkiani you can see many World's First. This time he shows the Commodore KIM-1. The KIM-1 was released in 1976 and was the first single board computer that was commercially available. The KIM-1 has an 6502 CPU, 1 kByte RAM, ROM, Hexadecimal keyboard, LED display, 15 In / Outputs and a Cassette interface.

Another World's First: The first colour home computer, the VIC-20.
The Commodore PET serial registry project
This web page wants to make a register of all Commodore PET / CBM computers and peripherals. The database now holds more 50 serials and is still growing. Besides the serials database you can also find software, books, adverts, manuals, brochures and much more.
The Commodore PET serial registry project
A new web page wants to make a register of all Commodore PET / CBM computers and peripherals. You can create a user account and put all your devices in the database, including a picture. On the web page you can see all the data: Model, Country of manufacturing, Serial number, Picture, Owner etc.
TPUG - YouTube channel
TPUG (Toronto PET Users Group) has launched a YouTube channel. On this channel you can see several presentations from recent World of Commodore shows. A few examples of these presentations are: PetSynth, Ultimate, Fastfingers, ZoomFloppy, EasyFlash, Visual 6502 etc.

Web page of the TPUG (Toronto PET Users Group).
Bitfixer has started a new project. After his PETdisk he now is developing the PETvet. The PETvet is a RAM / ROM replacement for the Commodore PET. The PETvet also allows you to view the memory of a running PET by halting the CPU and sending the memory contents over a serial port. When the prototype is finished a kit will be available.
Proxa 7000
The Proxa 7000 expansion was made by the German company Ultra Electronic. It adds CBM 8000 series compatibility to the CBM 700 series. For a long time nobody could use this rare expansion because the software was missing. But recently the software was found. You can read more about this very rare expansion on Steve Gray's Commodore web page.
Commodore PET in a FPGA
Thomas created an Commodore PET inside a FPGA. Features: Digilent Nexys3 FPGA board. 6502 implementation (Max: 50 Mhz). 640x400 VGA output. 16K ROM / 16K RAM. PS/2 keyboard. Datassette simulation. CB2 audio.

Video about a Commodore PET in an FPGA.