The Ace team needs help
The Ace team is working on a new operating system for the Commodore C128. The development is going on for the last couple of year but the team is now down to only one person. So, if you are a C128 enthusiast and want to help with the development, testing or give suggestions, please contact Miro from The Ace team.
A story about the introduction of the C128
Bil Herd tells a story about the introduction of the Commodore C128 on the Consumer Electronics Show. The CES is one of the most important expositions for new computer hardware. The team from Commodore had many problems with the C128, but with a few tricks and hard work they managed to demonstrate the C128 to the public.
News about the new operating system for the Commodore C128. All the old program code is rewritten and they have switched from a separate 8 bit and 16 bit version to only one version. The Ace will support Commodore 128 with or without the SuperCPU. The team is also working on support for the Commodore IEEE-488 devices and USB support with the help of the Flyer and USB-Host hardware.
Mini X-Pander
The Mini X-Pander is a new hardware device for the Commodore C128(D). There are C64 cartridges that will not work on the C128(D). This because the signals on the expansion port have too much interference. This device cleans up the signals an makes it possible to use cartridges like the 64NIC+ and the FB-net.
ACE 128 - SinCore
Mirkosoft released SinCore for the Commodore C128. SinCore is the base of the ACE 128 system. You can now test SynCore with assembly or BASIC programming. You can read more about ACE 128 on the renewed web page.
The ACE128TOS team had planned a demo of ACE128TOS. But they have cancelled the demo because the new OS is not complete yet. To make the demo work they had to add parts to a older version of the OS. They now decided to use all there time to rewrite the code of the new software. Visit the ACE128TOS blog for all the details.
There is a new demonstration video available of ACE128TOS. ACE128TOS is a project to make a new operating system for the Commodore C128. In this video you can see details of the desktop configurations, the file manager, sticky notes, vic viewer, basic editor and the program groups. Because the demo was done in the VICE emulator the movement of the cursor is not optimal, it is working correctly on the real Commodore C128.
Lance from the web page started a wiki. This wiki will be filled with information about the Commodore C128. But all the other Commodore and Amiga models are welcome too. And you can help to make this wiki bigger by adding your own articles. The wiki is, like Wikipedia, freely editable.
Digimaster 128
Hydrophilic released Digimaster 128 for the C128 in 40-column mode. Digimaster is a program for sampling and editing of digital audio. The program can be used with the Sound Ultimate Xpander 6400. The Commodore 128 version can use the CPU on 2 MHz option for high speed sampling and you can now sample up to 64 kByte of audio data.
There is a new video available of ACE128TOS. ACE128TOS is a project to make a new operating system for the Commodore C128. In this demonstration video you can see details of the control panel. You can configure the input devices (mouse, keyboard), the SuperCPU, drivers, screen-resolution and sound. Because the demo was done in the VICE emulator the movement of the cursor is not optimal, it is working correctly on the real Commodore C128.
ACE128 screenshots
You can now look at recent screenshots from the ACE128 system. ACE128 is a project to make a new operating system for the Commodore C128. Some of the features will be: Input devices like mouse, joystick, light pen etc. Network support. Resizable and movable windows. Multilingual User Interface. SuperCPU optimization. File sharing between programs. Clipboard and many more.
Commodore 128 - 4k Game Coding Compo
The web page is organizing a competition. In this competition you need to write a program for the Commodore C128 in 40 or 80 column mode. The rules are: Original programs not larger than 4096 bytes (4kb). Programs must work on a real C128 and VICE. The start of the competition is October 29th 2011 and will end at April 1st 2012. The prizes are from 25 $AU to 100 $AU.
ACE128 Demo
You can watch a video on YouTube where you can see a demo of ACE128 (Advanced Commodore Environment 128). The team that is working on ACE128 has the following members: Miroslav Karkuš, Josef Prokeš, Dirk Vroomen, Patrick Hammes and Jason Lapp. At the moment the team is searching for a person to check the English language and a musician for making the system sounds.
C128 System Information 7.5
MIRKOSOFT released version 7.5 of his System Information for the Commodore C128. With this update you can now recognize new type of storage devices like the SD2IEC.
Miro Karkuš and Jason Lapp are working on a new operating system for the Commodore C128 called ACE128 (Advanced Commodore Environment 128). Of course this is a very big project and will take some time to complete. At this moment the graphics and icon set are being created. You can read about the progress of ACE128 on the blog site.
C128 System Information - v7.3
MIRKOSOFT released version 7.3 of his System Information for the Commodore C128. With this update you can now recognize CMD devices: FD, HD, RAMLink, RAMDrive, JiffyDOS and the SuperCPU. GonGo, WTE, dr.v. and skoe supported Miro with coding and testing
Miro from MIRKOSOFT released a new program for the Commodore C128. The program is called AceCommander128 and can be used to organize your diskettes. The program uses the 80 columns mode and can display two disk-drives / diskettes next to each other. This program is a Release Candidate, so if you find a bug please let Miro know about it. Coding: Miro. Additional coding: Robert Willie, LokalHorst, Payton Byrd, Joseph Shaughnessy and GoDot. Help and testing: sauhund, tokra and Bacon.
C128 System Information v7.2
MIRKOSOFT released an update of his C128 System Information program. With this program you can detect which type of hardware is used in your Commodore C128. On Miro's web page you can find lots of information for the Commodore C128 and software like: CommOS 2008, aceDOS128 v1.1, Enhanced Keyboard 2.1 and Sprite Designer v2.4.
Tips and Tricks for C128
MIRKOSOFT has build a web page with information for the Commodore C128 / C128D. The web page is still under construction, at the moment the following information is available: Herdware, Keyboard, BASIC V7, GO64 and Searching for... The following items are planned for the near future: VIC-II, VDC, BASIC V8, Assembler, CP/M, Input devices, Storage, REU, Networking, Printers, Cartridges, Interfaces and Downloads.
C128 One-Liner competition
On the forum Commodore 128 Alive! a competition has started. The competition is about who can write the best Commodore C128 BASIC program of one line. First prize $AU50, second prize $AU30 and third prize $AU20. Besides making the BASIC line you can also discuss about it.
The forums at C128-Alive! have had a major revamp. On this forum you can read and post about the C128. There are sections about Hardware, Programming, CP|M, Gaming, Demos, GEOS and more.
This web site has collected a considerable amount of technical information on CP/M, in particular the CP/M+ version used on the Commodore C-128. All programs on the web site are free for your personal use. Also programs for MS-DOS and Windows to format or copy CP/M disks and links to other CP/M related web sites.
C128 4k Game Coding Competition
The web page is pleased to announce the Commodore 128 4k Game Coding Competition for 2007. Rules: Original programs, NOT larger than 4096 bytes (4kb), playable on a real 128 / VICE in C128 mode (40/80 column), Entries must be submitted on or before April 1st, 2007. Prizes: 1st = $AU100, 2nd = $AU50, 3rd = $AU25.
This web site provides an active and vibrant community devoted to keeping the Commodore 128 alive into the future. The site provides information, downloads, a forum and much more.
CP/M 3.0 Plus on the C128
The C128 is a special computer that can run two processors. With The Z80 Processor you can run CP/M software. This page will show how you can run CP/M 3.0 Plus on your C128.
C128 is 20 years old.
The Commodore C128 is 20 years. Dave Haynie and Bil Herd made a video to celebrate the 20th birthday of the Commodore C128. In the video there are some very rare Commodore types like the TED, 264, C128 proto-type, C64 LCD and the CD32 AAA proto-type.
C128 Assembly
Everything you need to know about programming assembly on your C128 can be found on this website. Christian Johansson has put up a very nice collection of info on this subject.