Jan Derogee - More diskette adventures
Jan Derogee made more videos about his adventures. This time problems with socks and storage...
RetroManCave - Apple Mac vs Amiga
RetroManCave made a video about which Apple Mac is faster the Apple Mac or the Amiga.
The Last Hugger - C64
The Last Hugger is a new SEUCK game for the Commodore C64. The game is developed by Richard. In the game you must destroy the humans and protect your eggs.
DLH's Commodore Archive
DLH's Commodore Archive is a web page for Commodore documentation. You can find magazines, books and manuals. The latest additions are: MSD C64 to IEEE-448, Access Catalog 1986, SSI Catalog 1984, Demon Stalkers, Spy vs Spy User's Guide, Paperboy, TNK III, 64 Tape Computing, Master 64, geoWORLD, Cosmic Life, Qix, Wasteland Survival, Creature Creator, Money Wise, Fax, Calc Result, Coco2, 1541 Physical Exam, Bravo!, Sky Travel, Volcabulary I, Spelling II, Homonyms, Astro Propulsion and grafDOS.
Daniel Renner - C64 repair
Daniel Renner made a video about the repair of a Commodore C64. The problem is hard to find because it happens only on a few occasions.
The web page Commodore.software has had an update with many new items: geoFont Catalog, geoPublish Tutorial, WsDos v7.1, Disk Frisk, Directory Assistant v3.6, Screen Gem v1 and Scan-Man v1.2.
Hall of Light
An update for the Hall of Light web page: The Lords Of Power, Blob Kombat, Pink Pig Software, Bograts: The Puzzling Misadventure, Stellar 7, A-10 Tank Killer, Hammer Boy, The Kristal, Khalaan, Nil Dieu Vivant, Crime Does Not Pay, Magic Ball, Olympique De Marseille, Penguins, Defenders Of The Earth, Marc Dawson, Steve Wetherill, William Crowther, Anco, Bruce Carver, Access, Roger Carver, Derek Leigh-Gilchrist, Journey To The Center Of The Earth, Dominique Valhardi, Daniel Morais, Chrisitian Gagnere, Pierre Gousseau and Thierry Boudet.
Charcoal v1.0 - C64
Charcoal is a new painting program for the Commodore C64. The program is developed by Lft and tested by redcrab.
MorphOS Storage
An update for the MorphOS Storage web page: IRA_2.09.lha, TCGS_CAVE.lha, Hollywood_Player_7.1.lha, BosWars_2.7.0.lha, irssi_1.1.1.lha, MoGit_0.1.lha, Gnuplot_5.2.2.lha, VAMP_1.80.lha, Astuces_1.0.lha, GIT_2.16.2.lha, Void-AbsoluteDolle2_1.1.lha, HWP_ZIP_1.1.lha, HWP_VectorGfx_1.2.lha, HWP_SVGImage_1.3.lha, HWP_SID_1.0.lha, HWP_AIFF_1.2.lha, Wyrmsun_3.3.0_p1.lha, stratagus_2.4.2.lha, Wyrmsun_3.3.0.lha and ACE_1.15.lha.
Club Info 149
In this German language d64 magazine for the Commodore C116, C16 and the Plus/4 the following articles: Forum, Scene, Tips & Tricks,Torte, Hardcopy, Arrow, Csapda, Borray Gammon, Münzwurfspiel, Compterspass, Hardware, Mac I, Athanor, Megazone, Hoppit, Mad Maze, Deadline, Rap4 and Other sysstems.
Amiga 500 - Chip RAM expansion
Inkoo Vintage Computing has upgraded his Amiga 500. He installed a Chip RAM expansion without making any changes to the motherboard.
Retro Asylum Podcast - 179
Retro Asylum Podcast is an English podcast for the retro computer fans. In this episode: Juan J. Martinez about his most recent games and how it is to develop modern games for the ZX Spectrum, Amstrad CPC and the Commodore 64.
Amibian v1.14.0004
Amibian is an Raspberry Pi3 image with the Uae4arm emulator. Amibian transforms your Raspberry Pi3 into an Amiga. Features: Easy install, Midnight Commander for file managing, USB and Ethernet support.
Daniel Renner - C64 reloaded mk2 & Mssiah Midi Sync
Daniel Renner made a video about the C64 reloaded mk2 & Mssiah Midi Sync.
The 8-Bit Guy - Commodore C116
The 8-Bit Guy made a video about repairing a Commodore C116 and drive and a 240V to 120V conversion.
Nunchuk64 - C64
You can watch a video about the Nunchuk64. This is an adapter for the C64 that makes it possible to use Nintendo Nunchuk compatible controller. It is still under development but it will be available soon.

Amiga Future #131
A new edition of the English and German Amiga magazine Amiga Future has been released. In this edition: Editorial, News, Playfield, Alarcity, Else We Get Mad, Tower 57, The Dream of Rowan, Terrahawks, Agony, AmiBOX, R2Z, MorphOS Camp, Aminet, OS4 Depot, SimpleMail, WinUAE, AT 2008 Clone, Special phase5 Digital Products 2017, Trevors Soapbox, Demoszene, FreePascal (2), Blitz Basic (10) and Amiga Ireland Meetup 2018.
PET De Lux - The Commodore PET tribute
Love Hultén made a tribute to the Commodore PET 2001. The PET De Lux is handmade from American walnut. But it has a modern computer inside, emulating video game systems such as Commodore 64, NES and many more.

A video of the PET De Lux.
Fart Escape - C64
Fart Escape is a new game for the Commodore C64. The game is developed by Dozznar and the music is made by Cadaver.
WinUAE 3.6.1
A new version of WinUAE is now available. Changes in this version: D3D11, Floppy sound, OCS/ECS, RTG VRAM, CHS-IDE, Elsat Mega Ram HD, A.L.F.3 and Progressive Peripherals & Software Zeus 040.
Quad Core C64
Quad Core C64 is a new game for the Commodore C64. The game is developed by Richard and Shine. The game is a puzzle game. There are 32 different colour code-breaking challenges.
Vampire / Apollo - Gold2.7
The Vampire turbo card uses the Apollo FPGA-core to emulate the 68000 CPU and the SAGA graphics chip. The changes for Apollo are: Fast Hardware FPU, AMMX2, Memory controller and Workbench Hardware Sprites.
C64Studio v5.6
C64 Studio is an assembly development environment which is dependent on VICE. You can write assembly code and test this with the VICE emulator. Recent changes: Macro's, ValueTableEditor, MAP_DATA, !basic, BASIC macro's, Charpad support, Renumber, Charset editor, Shortcut tooltips, Miniview, Spritepad support and the Sprite editor.
Workbench Explorer v1.8 - Amiga
Workbench Explorer (WEx) is a modern file browser with many features. Changes in this version: Improvements for menus, Enhancer Pack's ClipViewer, Convert image, Preview image and Copy/Move.
Hessian v1.2 - C64
A new version of the game Hessian for the Commodore C64 is now available. In the game you are Kim, a security guard at the Throne Group Science Complex. After an attack you need medical attention and your body will be upgraded with nano-bots.
Amiga Paradise
The Amiga Paradise web page preserves the musical heritage of the Commodore Amiga since 1997. On this web page you can find more than 800 game / demo music titles. New: Ringside, Pro Boxing Simulator, Ballistix, Nitro Boost Challenge, Metal Masters, Laser Squad, Airline, Globulus, Gemini Wing and Hawk Eye.
The Retrogaming Times #13
The retrogaming Times is a retro computer magazine (English language) for all retro computer fans. In this edition: Prepare to Qualify, Upcoming Events, More C64! - Winter Olympics, Apple II Incider - The Apple II Game Wishlist, The Controller Chronicles - Atari 7800 ProSystem, Arcade Obscure - Jump Coaster, Magical Shrine of Fun - Starring Grandma's Birthday Gift and the Rental Wonders, Catch and Release - King Salmon "The Big Catch" (Sega Genesis), Weekly Retrogaming Trivia Recap and See You Next Game.
The Guru Meditation - Samia Halaby
In this episode of the Guru Meditation: An interview with Samia Halaby, a world renowned painter who purchased a Commodore Amiga 1000 in 1985.
Christian Simpson - Commodore Music Maker
Christian Simpson made a video about the Commodore Music Maker. In the video he adds two control knobs and paints it a new colour.
FreeDroidRPG - AROS
FreeDroidRPG is a game for AROS. In the game you are Tux and you must save the world from the murderous rebel bots who know no mercy.
Retro Commodore
The web page retro-commodore.eu has many high quality scans available for the Commodore user. The latest additions are: ZOOM - Super Machine Language Monitor for the CBM 64, Montering af Gary adapter, Interactivision InterWord C64 flyer, Interactivision InterAsm Amiga flyer, DELA Elektronik Köln Eprommer Manual, DELA Elektronik Eprommer 1 Manual Paa Dansk, Service Manual 1960 Super VGA Color Monitor, Commodore 64/128 Tips-program, Service Manual MPS-803, Service Manual 1930 VGA Color Monitor, Commodore PC 1 Technical Manual, Commodore PC brugervejledning, Commodore Matrixprinter 1526, Commodore MPS 1230, Commodore Der Technologie-Konzern, Amiga V.I.P. package, Programmer's Utilities, PC-1 service kursus for værksteder, C64 service information, Interactivision Amiga software, AJ-SoftWare I/S Priskatalog, C64 Diagnostic Instruction and Troubleshooting Manual, Commodore 128 Guide Systeme, Privat Computer, Turbo Silver 3.0, Oxford Pascal Manual, C128 System Guide, COMputer and Amiga Format.
Pets Rescue - Plus/4
Pets Rescue is a new game for the Commodore Plus/4. The game is a platform game and has 20 levels split into 5 worlds. In the game you will have mean creatures, jumps, moving platforms, coins, secrets and much more!
Iz8dwf - Commodore C64 & PET 2001 repair
Iz8dwf made a video of the repair of a Commodore C64 and a Commodore PET 2001. The C64 had a faulty PLA and a bad RAM chip. The PET 2001 needed a new RAM and ROM chip.

Commodore PET 2001
Paul Gardner-Stephen is working on a FPGA version of the Commodore C65. His goal is to make an 8-bit computer for the 21st century. Most recent updates: Extending the Commodore 64 BASIC and new documentation on the MEGA65's enhanced text mode.
RetroManCave - CD32 repair
RetroManCave made a video about the repair of a Amiga CD32. He repaired the video output and he also replaced all the electrolytic capacitors.
Commodore Kernal
Michael Steil wrote a blog about the history of the Commodore Kernal. He describes the kernal in the KIM-1, PET, VIC20, CBM-II, C64, Plus/4, C128 and the C65.
Jan Derogee - More diskette adventures
Jan Derogee made more videos about his adventures. This time problems with a party and a door...
V.A.M.P. v1.80
Virtual Amiga Multimedia Player is a media player made with the help of Hollywood. Changes in this version: Hollywood v7.1. Improvements for Help, About and Info windows. And an update to Hollywood v7.1.
You can watch a video about the Check64 test cartridge. This set is available as an assembly kit at Forum64 and can be used to check the motherboard of a Commodore C64.
6502 Homebrew Computer
Dolo is developing a 6502 computer. The specifications are: 65c02 @ 2.68Mhz, 44KB SRAM, 16KB EEPROM, Video: TMS9918, 16KB SRAM, 6522, SD Card, 6551, Sound: AY-3-8910 and a joystick interface.
The web page Amigos added new articles last month: Typhoon Thompson, Ruff 'N' Tumble, Dune, Wing Commander and fighting games.
The HVTC or High Voltage TED Collection is an collection of music for the Commodore C16, 116 and the Plus/4. The files that are available, are the original programs that produce the music with the TED music chip. At the moment there are 608 files available in the database.
The Games-Coffer
On the "Games Coffer" web page you can find games, demos, animations, slideshows, diskette magazines, history, FAQ, emulators, reviews and advert Scans. The new additions for this month are: 17 Bit Disc 456, Agatron 11, Dragons Lair, Ghost Pool, RGB and Focus, The Stamp Collector, Crossword Creator, Professional Bingo, Runemaster V1.05 and Silicon Secretary.
8 Bit Annual - Kickstart
8 Bit Annual is a 250+ page book with hundreds of reviews or recent 8-bit games as well as previews of upcoming games. The games are for the Amstrad CPC, Commodore 64, MSX, ZX Spectrum, Sega Master System and Nintendo Entertainment System.
AMIGArama is a weekly podcast about the classic line of Commodore Amiga computers. Covering games, utilities and all sorts of extras. The recent episodes are: Krusty's Fun House, Street Fighter 2, Indy Heat, Jungle Strike and AMIGArama Music Radio Show 1.
GadgetUK164 - C64C PLA
GadgetUK164 made a video about the repair of a Commodore C64c (PLA).
You can listen to new remixes on the AmigaRemix web page. The following Amiga music is added to the web page: Panza Kick Boxing Intro - daXX Remix, Space Debris - daXX Remix, Occ-San-Geen - daXX Remix, Nebulus (Walkthrough Remix Radio Cut), Lethal Weapon - Level 1, Turrican 1 - Level 5, Apprentice (Piano a go go), Signia 2018 Remix, Clown-O-Mania, A Prehistoric Tale - Title Theme, Grand Monster Slam - Title Theme and Xenon 2 - Megablast (2017 Oldschool Mix).
4 KB Craptastic game competition
The Reset 64 magazine 2018 4KB game coding competition has started. This year's competition theme is once again... Craptastic! The deadline is 23:59 GMT on the 30th June, 2018.
Amiga Future #108
Edition 108 of Amiga Future is now online available. In this edition: Editorial, News, Reviews: ACA 500, ACA 1232, Ace of Hearts, Flappy Bird, Erben des Throns, Fortis, Islands Mini Golf, AmigaOS 4 Dockies, ViewCSV, Odyssey 1.23, GBAPII++ and KryoFlux Free. Special: X5000 Cyrus, Demo Scene, MuliPlayer Spiele, Backups, Klassische Besinnungen 15 - Digital Creations and Progressive Image Technology. Workshops: Programming AmigaOS4 (6). Interviews: Dierk Ohlerich, Yesterchips and Grzegorz Kraszewski.
C64 TV commercials on your C64
Daddlertl3 has converted a number of TV commercials to the Commodore C64 with a 16 MB REU.