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A new version is now available for the Arduino Amiga Floppy Disk reader / writer system from Robert Smith. Changes in this version: Improvements for reading and writing. Support for SCP (Supercard Pro files) and WinUAE.
2021-06-11 - 12:19:00 - Week: 23 - Item number: 9209 - Category: Amiga, Hardware
You can now watch a new YouTube video from Dead Dinosaur. In this video: Ryo Kawasaki.
2021-06-11 - 12:18:00 - Week: 23 - Item number: 9208 - Category: C64, YouTube
In this episode of the Guru Meditation: Bill talks about 13 features of the new Amiga OS 3.2.
2021-06-11 - 12:17:00 - Week: 23 - Item number: 9207 - Category: Amiga, Program
DLH's Commodore Archive is a web page for Commodore documentation. You can find magazines, books and manuals. The latest additions are: BASIC Wegweiser fur den Commodore-116 C16 und Plus-4 (DE), Programmieren in Maschinensprache 6502 (DE), Das VC-20 Buch (DE), Busy Bee Software, Run, Red Storm Rising Manual, Destroyer Escort Box, Profimat Profi-ass Profi-Mon Data Becker User Manual Commodore 64, The 1541 Repair and Maintenance Handbook, Micropower Series Multiplan for the Commodore-64, Bounty Bob Strikes Back, The Castles of Doctor Creep, Lavoriamo con il Commodore 16 (IT) and Linguaggio macchina per il C16 (IT).
2021-06-11 - 12:16:00 - Week: 23 - Item number: 9206 - Category: Commodore, Information
An update for the Hall of Light web page: Xenon 2: Megablast, Indy Heat, Metal Gear, Final Four College Basketball, Hideo Kojima, Manuel Pazos, Nekura Hoka, Jon Taylor, Takamichi Suzukawa, Motoaki Furukawa, Shigehiro Takenouchi, Iku Mizutani, Azusa Fujimoto, Masami Tabata, Koji Toyohara, Tomonori Ostuka, Hiroyuki Fukui, MicroLeague Wrestling (1990 Version) and Extreme Violence.
2021-06-11 - 12:15:00 - Week: 23 - Item number: 9205 - Category: Amiga, Web page
Steven Combs is making a series of videos about the Commodore Plus/4 computer. In this video: Connect a Commodore Plus/4 to a BBS using a Wi-Fi modem.
2021-06-11 - 12:14:00 - Week: 23 - Item number: 9204 - Category: C16, C116, Plus/4, YouTube
An update for the MorphOS Storage web page: YouTube_URL_Extractor_2.2.lha, AnimWebConverter_4.10.lha, MCE_12.9.lha, AmiArcadia_27.3.lha, bePlayer_1.2.lha, SolarSystemCalculator.lha, Wayfarer_1.21.lha, Iris_0.118.lha, CloudDav_1.31.lha, VAMP_2.30.lha, x5000_manual.lha, ReportPlus_8.2.lha, BootClock_1.20.lha, AmIRC_3.8.lha, Blues_R1.lha, Chrysalis_3.15.iso, FPC_3.2.2.lha, SWOS_Total_Pack_1.0.lha, iConecta_4.10.lha and libintl_1.1.lha.
2021-06-11 - 12:13:00 - Week: 23 - Item number: 9203 - Category: Amiga, Web page
The YouTube channel Nybbles and Bytes makes videos about retro computers. In this episode a live stream with questions and answers.
2021-06-11 - 12:12:00 - Week: 23 - Item number: 9202 - Category: Commodore, YouTube
The cheats database of Amiga Future is updated weekly by David Jahn. The database contains cheats, solutions, tips & tricks and Freezer addresses. The latest updates are: Doodlebug - Bug Bash 2, Doman, Dizzy Lizzy, Discworld, Cool Croc Twins, Die Stadt der Löwen, Die Siedler and Die Kathedrale.
2021-06-11 - 12:11:00 - Week: 23 - Item number: 9201 - Category: Amiga, Information
On the Amiga Love website 3D-vice wrote a blog about the Handheld 64 project. The Handheld 64 is a Commodore C64 computer in a Gameboy format.
2021-06-11 - 12:10:00 - Week: 23 - Item number: 9200 - Category: C64, Hardware
DOSBox is a DOS-emulator that uses the SDL-library, which makes DOSBox very easy to port to different platforms. DOSBox is available for Windows, BeOS, Linux, MacOS X and Amiga. Changes in this version: Improvements for the mouse.
2021-06-11 - 12:09:00 - Week: 23 - Item number: 9199 - Category: Amiga, Program
The C64 Watch is a customized T-Watch 2020 that was inspired by the Commodore 64 computer. It features a C64 theme and a built-in BASIC interpreter.
2021-06-11 - 12:08:00 - Week: 23 - Item number: 9198 - Category: C64, Hardware
Dmitriy Zhivilov released a new version of the ZX-Spectrum 48/128k and Pentagon 128k emulator for the Amiga. Features: Emulation of all Z80 instructions, flags, registers and interrupts. Support for keyboard, Kempston joystick / mouse, border, sound, 1818VG93 and load & save in many formats. In this version a big code optimization and improvements for the beeper emulation.
2021-06-11 - 12:07:00 - Week: 23 - Item number: 9197 - Category: Amiga, Emulator
Silk Dust is a new game for the Commodore VIC20 computer. The game is a text adventure and is developed by Davide Bucci. In the game you must be sure that your car can participate in the Silk Road Race.
2021-06-11 - 12:06:00 - Week: 23 - Item number: 9196 - Category: VIC-20, Game
In this episode of the Amiga Users Ireland Podcast: AmiSpeedTest, vAmiga, OS 3.2, AmiProv, RKM - OS 3.2, Amiga Transfer, TF1230, AmIRC 3.8, MorphOS store Italy in Lockdown, IRC #amiga-ie, Lightwave 3D, Amiga User, WHDLoad, Amiga Metal Gear, Space Pilot of Death, Shadow Warrior, Hibernated 1, Fret Calc, Amiga 1000, CoolCalc, USENET, Cat, IBrowse, Search engine for vintage computers and aSCIIaRENA - ASCII.
2021-06-11 - 12:05:00 - Week: 23 - Item number: 9195 - Category: Commodore, Podcast
Rob O'Hara has made a new podcast. The subject in this episode is the game Ballblazer from Lucasfilm Games (1984) for the Commodore C64.
2021-06-11 - 12:04:00 - Week: 23 - Item number: 9194 - Category: Commodore, Podcast
Passione Amiga is an Italian printed Amiga magazine. In this edition: News, Inviyya, Turbo Sprint, Putter, Galactica, Wrong Way Driver, Dodgy Rocks, ArtPazz, Metal Gear, Amiga Forever 9!, David Pleasance, Fabrizio Farenga, Gunnar Von Boehn, Caparezza, AmigaOS 3.2, Hardware, Demoscene, New talent and the Mailbox.
2021-06-11 - 12:03:00 - Week: 23 - Item number: 9193 - Category: Amiga, Magazine
The web page c64Intros has updated its intro database and added more new intros. Updates: 30 new intros and 2 new groups.
2021-06-11 - 12:02:00 - Week: 23 - Item number: 9192 - Category: C64, Demo
Amiga Flashback is a podcast for all Amiga users. In this episode: E!ghtbm - The New Republic Café, Adkd - Absalon Junction, No9 - How to drop potatoes, Slaze - Neuroflute, Krdn of Defiance - Oldskool Groove, Grogon and E!ghtbm - Polychromatic Fever, Zapac - Fäbod, Mahna Mahna - Subway Art, Midori - Conundrum, Jazz Jackrabbit - Menu song, TRiGGER - A.L.O.N.E.*RMX_2, Abyss of Delight - Sleeping Waste, Evelred of TLOTB - Midnight run, Speedhead - MEGADEMOZAK, ModMaker - Loosing Everything, Abyss of Delight - Sleeping Waste and Michiel van den Bos - Love will find a way.
2021-06-11 - 12:01:00 - Week: 23 - Item number: 9191 - Category: Amiga, Podcast
On the Everything C64 forum you can now participate in a new C64 High-score Challenge. The game of this month is Starforce (1990).
2021-06-11 - 12:00:00 - Week: 23 - Item number: 9190 - Category: C64, Competition
The results of the SEUCK Compo 2021:
1. Droid Rumble - Alf Yngve
2. Robo Form X - Pinov Vox
3. Space Eggs - TND Games
4. UFO Invasion - TheReaperUK
5. Ray Fish - TND Games
6. Bee Insect Attacking - Roberto Ricioppo
7. Lagrangian Point 4 - Trip 2 Mars - Recycled Arts
8. Their Machine - Raul Gubert
8. Bolthrower - MoDernart
2021-06-04 - 12:19:00 - Week: 22 - Item number: 9189 - Category: C64, Competition
You can watch a new video on the Amiga Love YouTube channel. In this episode a new version of the StarDrive R2 for the Amiga computer.
2021-06-04 - 12:18:00 - Week: 22 - Item number: 9188 - Category: Amiga, Hardware
LukHash makes music with the help of a Commodore C64. This time he made a new SID called Cyberchip.
2021-06-04 - 12:17:00 - Week: 22 - Item number: 9187 - Category: C64, Music
Retro Ravi makes 8-bit mixes with his Amiga computers. In this episode: Bank Holiday Set.
2021-06-04 - 12:16:00 - Week: 22 - Item number: 9186 - Category: Amiga, Music
A new video from the YouTube channel Nils Retro Hobby Room. In this video Nils builds a ATX64.
2021-06-04 - 12:15:00 - Week: 22 - Item number: 9185 - Category: C64, Hardware
Komoda & Amiga Plus is a printed and a pdf magazine (English and Polish language) for the Commodore user. In this edition: Good Old 8-Bit Games #5, The Sarge, Oyup!, Alien Storm, Stack 123, Lode Runner, Soul Force, Frankenstein, Survival Messenger Adventure, Tiny Quest, Spellbound Dizzy - Dizzy V, Overthrown, Tristam Island, Cheesy Trials, Outrage, GameDev Story: Bernd Buchegger, Zeta Wing, Katon: Returning to the scene, Gallery: Katon / Lepsi De, xum1541, Monster Catcher, Juanje Juega in Sinverland, Runn'n'Gunn, Up, Up and Away!, Demoscene: contest, Dune 2020, Fury of the Furries, Balance of Power 1990, The lost potential: A600 repair, My fights with the Amiga 400, The Amiga Workbench Simulation, Wiz: Quest for the Magic Lantern, WinUAE, Daniel Stephens, Santa Run 2020, Cabaret Asteroids, Magica, Goldfish, Press Space to Continue, Dave Haynie, Computer Graphics, New format and Papcio Chmiel.
2021-06-04 - 12:14:00 - Week: 22 - Item number: 9184 - Category: Commodore, Magazine
Bwack is working on the VHDL6526 project. His goal is to make a FPGA version of the CIA chip in the Commodore C64.
2021-06-04 - 12:13:00 - Week: 22 - Item number: 9183 - Category: C64, Hardware
There is a new YouTube video available from Doktor64. This time he shows how to repair a Commodore C64 computer with a keyboard problem.
2021-06-04 - 12:12:00 - Week: 22 - Item number: 9182 - Category: C64, Repair
In this video from Hey Birt: The conversion of a Commodore C64 computer from NTSC to PAL.
2021-06-04 - 12:11:00 - Week: 22 - Item number: 9181 - Category: C64, Hardware
FREEZE64 is a fanzine for Commodore 64 gamers and hackers. In this edition: Bouncing Heads, Cred Breaks Out, Tran, Zzapback, The Last Ninja 2 & 3, Battle Kingdom, Hunchback, New & Exclusive Pokes 'n' Codes and Hidden Treasures.
2021-06-04 - 12:10:00 - Week: 22 - Item number: 9180 - Category: C64, Magazine
A new YouTube video from Randy Rossi is now available. In this video Randi shows a replacement for the VIC-II in the Commodore C64.
2021-06-04 - 12:09:00 - Week: 22 - Item number: 9179 - Category: C64, Hardware
You can watch a new video from the Screen Shooters YouTube channel (German language). In this episode the SID switcher for the Modular64.
2021-06-04 - 12:08:00 - Week: 22 - Item number: 9178 - Category: C64, Hardware
JC64dis (next generation C64 disassembler) is an iterative disassembler for MUS, SID and PRG file of the Commodore 64. The program is available as jar (java) and as exe for Windows.
2021-06-04 - 12:07:00 - Week: 22 - Item number: 9177 - Category: C64, Program
FRGCB (Finnish Retro Game Comparison Blog) is a web page that writes about retro games. But the difference is that this blog compares the games between the different computers like the C64, Amiga, MSX, NES, CPC, DOS, etc. The most recent comparisons are: Motos (Namco/Dempa, 1985), Rollaround (Mastertronic, 1988), Ninja (Mastertronic, 1986) and Horace Classics (Sinclair Research Ltd, 1982).
2021-06-04 - 12:06:00 - Week: 22 - Item number: 9176 - Category: Commodore, Blog
Johan Kotlinski released a new version of Forth for the Commodore C64. Forth is a very low-level and minimal language without automatic memory management. Forth on the C64 is more faster, more memory effective and more powerful than the standard Basic. Forth on the C64 includes an editor, compiler and an assembler. Changes in this version: Improvements for Dictionary, Header data, Directory, Save, Top, Define and Drive.
2021-06-04 - 12:05:00 - Week: 22 - Item number: 9175 - Category: C64, Program
BMC64 is a C64, C128, VIC20, Plus/4 and PET emulator for the Raspberry Pi. Recent updates: Improvements for RCNTRL, C16 keymap, XBOX buttons, 8580 filter, gamepad input, dual SID C128, sound drive emulation and virtual devices.
2021-06-04 - 12:04:00 - Week: 22 - Item number: 9174 - Category: C64, Emulator
KOMA is a new game for the Commodore C64 computer. The game is developed by Phil64 and Richard.
2021-06-04 - 12:03:00 - Week: 22 - Item number: 9173 - Category: C64, Game
Ninja Carnage is a new game for the Commodore C64 computer. The game is developed by Oriens (code), Dya (music) and Grass (pixels). The game is a adventure game and your mission is to help a Ninja kill the yakuza boss.
2021-06-04 - 12:02:00 - Week: 22 - Item number: 9172 - Category: C64, Game
Gyro Run is a new game for the Commodore C64 computer. The game is developed by Richard (code & music) and Axis (pixels).
2021-06-04 - 12:01:00 - Week: 22 - Item number: 9171 - Category: C64, Game
The web page had an update. You can now find 7080 games on this web page. The new games are: Chiller 2, Heli 1983, Metagalactic Llamas - Battle at the Edge of Time, Metal Ball, Pegasus Bridge, Powerplay Hockey - USA vs USSR, Puzzle Panic, Pyramidon, Rail Boss, Rekenwonder, Seawar (English), Seawar (German), Seawar (RadarSoft), Snoopy (Commodre Edcational Software) and Supermorf.
2021-06-04 - 12:00:00 - Week: 22 - Item number: 9170 - Category: C64, Game
The classic game Revenge Of The Mutant Camels for the Commodore C64 computer has been improved. Jeff Minter himself improved the sprite collision to make the game even better.
2021-05-28 - 12:19:00 - Week: 21 - Item number: 9169 - Category: C64, Game
vAmiga is a Commodore Amiga 500, 1000, or 2000 emulator for the Apple Macintosh computer.
2021-05-28 - 12:18:00 - Week: 21 - Item number: 9168 - Category: Amiga, Emulator
You can now play a new version of Giana Sisters. You can watch it on YouTube and download the game. This version is made by davemaster86.
2021-05-28 - 12:17:00 - Week: 21 - Item number: 9167 - Category: C64, Game
The webpage Everything Amiga added new articles last month: Super Hang-On, Switchblade, Amigos 300: A Look Back and a Look Forward, Pinball Dreams and Monkey Island 2.
2021-05-28 - 12:16:00 - Week: 21 - Item number: 9166 - Category: Amiga, Web page
Dirk Hoffmann has released a new version of his VirtualC64 emulator. This emulator can turn your Mac (OS X) into a Commodore C64. The changes in this version are: Added a screen recorder and improvements for the VIC-II graphics.
2021-05-28 - 12:15:00 - Week: 21 - Item number: 9165 - Category: C64, Emulator
On the web page you can see many cracker intros within your browser. The original intros from the Amiga, Atari-ST, Dreamcast, PC, Playstation etc. are converted to Flash. The most recent flashtro's are: Eurasia - Golf Shiyouyo 2, Paradox - Dino Crisis, Echelon - Sega Smash Pack Vol 1, Eurasia - Crazy Taxi 2, Word of Wonders - Megacom Anti Virus, Quartex - Heroes of Gorluth CD32, Accession - Lemmings CD32 and Flashtro - Rage.
2021-05-28 - 12:14:00 - Week: 21 - Item number: 9164 - Category: Commodore, Demo
Stewart Wilson from Subchrist Software released a new version of Sprite Pad Pro. With this (Windows) program you can edit and animate your multi-colour and high-resolution sprite images. Sprite Pad has also advanced editing features like: rotation, overlay and multiple colour palettes. Changes in this version: Improvements for VIC-II Sprite expansion in tiles and Tiles can be named and assigned 'tag' values.
2021-05-28 - 12:13:00 - Week: 21 - Item number: 9163 - Category: C64, Program
On the "Games Coffer" web page you can find games, demos, animations, slideshows, diskette magazines, history, FAQ, emulators, reviews and advert Scans. The new additions for this month are: New Year 1994, Without Buttocks, Fullmoon Rock, Dancing Flames, By The Coast, 1992, Know What To Say and Illusions.
2021-05-28 - 12:12:00 - Week: 21 - Item number: 9162 - Category: Amiga, Web page
The Job is a new adventure game for the Commodore Plus/4 computer.
2021-05-28 - 12:11:00 - Week: 21 - Item number: 9161 - Category: C16, C116, Plus/4, Game
The web page has many high-quality scans available for the Commodore user. The latest additions are: Rom Kernel Reference Manual, Hackers Unit, Commodore 1764 RAM Expansion Module User's Guide, Software Prisliste, GP Tribute Invitation & Information, Photo albums from Incubus/TRIAD, F4CG, Milestone, Åtta Biter, The Final Cartridge III Svensk handledning, Action Replay MK IV Svensk Manual and An introduction to your new PET.
2021-05-28 - 12:10:00 - Week: 21 - Item number: 9160 - Category: Commodore, Information