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You can now watch a new video from the Sayaka's Digital Attic YouTube channel. In this episode, Eleonora is going to build a very small Commodore C64 computer.
2024-05-24 - 12:19:00 - Week: 21 - Item number: 12414 - Category: C64, Hardware
You can now watch a new video from the Arctic retro YouTube channel. In this video, the repair of a sound sampler for the Amiga computer.
2024-05-24 - 12:18:00 - Week: 21 - Item number: 12413 - Category: Amiga, Repair
Bart Venneker has made a new YouTube video (Dutch). In this episode: How you can use assembly-language to make programs for the Commodore C64 computer.
2024-05-24 - 12:17:00 - Week: 21 - Item number: 12412 - Category: C64, YouTube
You can now watch a new video from the GadgetUK164 YouTube channel. In this video, the repair of a rare Amiga A2000-A (Revision 4 - German) computer.
2024-05-24 - 12:16:00 - Week: 21 - Item number: 12411 - Category: Amiga, Repair
You can now watch a new episode of the FairLight TV YouTube channel. In this video: An interview with Walter Konrad at the X2024 party in the Netherlands.
2024-05-24 - 12:15:00 - Week: 21 - Item number: 12410 - Category: Commodore, Interview
Excalibur is a new text adventure for the Commodore Plus/4 computer developed by Carmine Migliaccio. The game is based on the game for the ZX Spectrum, originally made by Gian Battista Aicardi (1987). The game has hires pictures, an 80-column character-set and is available in both Italian and English.
2024-05-24 - 12:14:00 - Week: 21 - Item number: 12409 - Category: C16, C116, Plus/4, Game
Hare Basic is a fast, limited instruction set, integer-only Basic interpreter (not a compiler) for the Commodore C64 and VIC 20 computer. Hare Basic is developed by Aleksi Eeben, he also made a manual and a few sample programs.

Commodore VIC20 version.
2024-05-24 - 12:13:00 - Week: 21 - Item number: 12408 - Category: Commodore, Program
Wayfarer is a web browser for MorphOS, based on a recent branch of WebKit. Changes in this version: Improvements for caching (CSS) and curl.
2024-05-24 - 12:12:00 - Week: 21 - Item number: 12407 - Category: Amiga, Program
Robin Harbron made a new YouTube video. This time he talks about Hare Basic, which is a fast basic interpreter for the Commodore C64 and VIC 20 computer, created by Aleksi Eeben.
2024-05-24 - 12:11:00 - Week: 21 - Item number: 12406 - Category: Commodore, Program
The HVTC or High Voltage TED Collection is an collection of music for the Commodore C16, 116 and the Plus/4. The files that are available, are the original programs that produce the music with the TED music chip. Now there are 988 files available in the database.
2024-05-24 - 12:10:00 - Week: 21 - Item number: 12405 - Category: C16, C116, Plus/4, Music
LoView is a program to view images on AROS, developed by Simone Monsignori. The supported image formats are jpg, png, iff and bmp. You can rename, rotate, flip or convert the image to another image format.
2024-05-24 - 12:09:00 - Week: 21 - Item number: 12404 - Category: Amiga, Program
Monday is a text adventure game typed/programmed on a real Commodore C64 by Ottersoft. The game is developed with The Quill software by Graeme Yeandle. There is no time limit and the puzzles not too difficult.
2024-05-24 - 12:08:00 - Week: 21 - Item number: 12403 - Category: C64, Game
King & Balloon is a new game for the Amiga computer, developed by JoeJoe and jotd. This is a 1:1 arcade conversion of the game King & Balloon by Namco from 1980 for the Amiga 500 computer. The game is written in 68k assembler, based on the original Z80 code.
2024-05-24 - 12:07:00 - Week: 21 - Item number: 12402 - Category: Video, Game
Sky Saviour is a new game for the Commodore C64 computer, developed by Flump Studios. Defend the futuristic city of NeoCov from the invaders. Your mission is to intercept and eliminate the enemies before they reach the city centre.
2024-05-24 - 12:06:00 - Week: 21 - Item number: 12401 - Category: C64, Game
You can listen to new remixes on the AmigaRemix webpage. The following Amiga music was added to the webpage: LFF (Skid Row Cracktro Song) Tyros Edition, Space 2, RSI Megademo (Extended Remix), Solitaire FX, In the Forest (Midnight Resistance) and Concerto for Lasers and Enemies.
2024-05-24 - 12:05:00 - Week: 21 - Item number: 12400 - Category: Amiga, Music
Warzone is a new game for the Commodore C64 computer for two players. In the game, you must command your forces on two distinct fronts: the strategic map and the tactical battlefield. The game is developed by Orlof.
2024-05-24 - 12:04:00 - Week: 21 - Item number: 12399 - Category: C64, Game
BlueSCSI tools are 2 utilities for managing a BlueSCSI V2 or ZuluSCSI in an Amiga computer. The CD Changer allows you to swap between CD ISO images on your SD card. The SD Transfer tool allows you to transfer files from the SD card to the Amiga computer.
2024-05-24 - 12:03:00 - Week: 21 - Item number: 12398 - Category: Amiga, Program
Inspector is a new game for the Commodore C64 computer, developed by Kwayne. In the game, you must deduct the identity of a murderer, the time of the deed, and the room where it was done, through a series of questions.
2024-05-24 - 12:02:00 - Week: 21 - Item number: 12397 - Category: C64, Game
MG Animator is a program for the Commodore VIC20 computer that can be used to display a bitmap of 320x200 pixels in 4 colours. The program is developed by Mike and needs a 35 kB memory expansion and a disk drive.
2024-05-24 - 12:01:00 - Week: 21 - Item number: 12396 - Category: VIC-20, Program
You can now listen to a new episode of the Chip SID show with Max Hall. An hour long classic and new SID music.
2024-05-24 - 12:00:00 - Week: 21 - Item number: 12395 - Category: C64, Music
SIDKick pico is an inexpensive dual-SID-replacement without making compromises regarding quality. The new firmware adds FM emulation and a built-in PRG launcher. A new hardware revision includes a variant with onboard DAC.
2024-05-17 - 12:21:00 - Week: 20 - Item number: 12394 - Category: C64, Hardware
FairLight - 1337 is a demo for the Commodore C64 computer made by Trident (code), The Sarge & Soya (pixels), Fegolhuzz & Danko (music). The demo reached the first place in the C64 demo competition at X-2024.
2024-05-17 - 12:20:00 - Week: 20 - Item number: 12393 - Category: C64, Demo
BabeAnoid s a game for the Amiga computer, developed by Richard Fhager. The game is written in AMOS, and the features are: Bonuses, 6 balls, 5 bat-sizes, blocks, weapons, enemies, lemmings, score-board, roofs, backgrounds and speech.
2024-05-17 - 12:19:00 - Week: 20 - Item number: 12392 - Category: Amiga, Game
The web page has had an update with many new items: Manosoft SD Card pack, Backbit C64 Firmware, Turbo Chameleon 64: Apple2e, Archimedes, IremM62, Minimig AGA, MiSTery, MoonPatrol, NeoGeo, Next186, Oric, Pacman & SVI328, Commodore Care Manual, Blue Chip Printer Interface Manual, File-Survey and Screen Dump, Etc. Manual.
2024-05-17 - 12:18:00 - Week: 20 - Item number: 12391 - Category: Commodore, Program
KIMplement is a KIM-1 emulator for the Commodore C64 computer, developed by Oldvcr. This emulator is used on a Commodore C64 computer and supports TTY and 16 kB of expanded RAM.
2024-05-17 - 12:17:00 - Week: 20 - Item number: 12390 - Category: KIM-1, PET, CBM, Emulator
Bart Venneker has made a new YouTube video (Dutch). In this episode: Using a bootloader to load data from a SD card into the memory of the Commodore C64 computer.
2024-05-17 - 12:16:00 - Week: 20 - Item number: 12389 - Category: C64, Hardware
An update for the Hall of Light web page: Graeme Souness Vector Soccer, Nippon Safes Inc., Phoenix 500, Round The Bend!, Tactical Manager 2, Dyter-07, Dynasty Wars, Dyna Blaster, Count Duckula II, DuckTales: The Quest For Gold, Drivin' Force, Space Station Oblivion / Driller, Dreadnoughts, Drakkhen and Dragons Of Flame.
2024-05-17 - 12:15:00 - Week: 20 - Item number: 12388 - Category: Amiga, Information
SW64 is a command-oriented wedge to control SD2IEC devices, developed by DiscMix for the Commodore C64 computer. The available commands are: DIR, MD, RD, CD, CI, STAT, SDR and SC.
2024-05-17 - 12:14:00 - Week: 20 - Item number: 12387 - Category: C64, Program
An update for the MorphOS Storage web page: MCE_15.0.lha, PolyOrga_1.26.lha, AmiArcadia_32.41.lha, ReportPlus_8.49.lha, Wayfarer_8.2.lha, OpenTTD_14.1.lha, Easy2Install_1.0b52.lha, Iris_1.26.lha, HLE-PokerCard_FE.lha, OpenFodder_1.8.lha, MicroExcel_1.1a.lha, ods_1.0.lha, Formator_1.1.lha, Expression_1.2.lha, Image2PDF_2.6.lha, Fallout2-ce_1.3.lha, snes9x_1.62.3.lha, Protrekkr_2.6.7.lha, GitDesktop_0.15.18.lha, DoomRPG_0.2.2.lha and BeWorld, BSzili.
2024-05-17 - 12:13:00 - Week: 20 - Item number: 12386 - Category: Amiga, Program
You can now watch a new episode of the FairLight TV YouTube channel. In this video: Fast-loaders for the Commodore C64 computer.
2024-05-17 - 12:12:00 - Week: 20 - Item number: 12385 - Category: C64, Podcast
The cheats database of Amiga Future is updated weekly by David Jahn. The database contains cheats, solutions, tips & tricks and Freezer addresses. The latest updates are: Legends, Legend of Faerghail, Leedings, Leather Goddesses of Phobos, Lazer - Crux 2, Lazarus, Last Ninja 3, Last Ninja 2 - Back with a Vengeance, Larn, Land of Genesis, Knights and Merchants, Lady Bug, Krypton Egg, Knuckle Head, Klawz the Kat and Kings Quest 6 - Heir Today Gone Tomorrow.
2024-05-17 - 12:11:00 - Week: 20 - Item number: 12384 - Category: Amiga, Game
DLH's Commodore Archive is a web page for Commodore documentation. You can find magazines, books and manuals. The latest additions are: The Hacker's Handbook Commodore 64, Graphics, Sound & Music for the Commodore 64, 50 Outstounding Programs for the VIC-20 Second Edition, 29 Programs for the Commodore 64-264 and Compute! Gazette.
2024-05-17 - 12:10:00 - Week: 20 - Item number: 12383 - Category: Commodore, Book
You can read about the development of the new MiSTer FPGA board on the Read Only Memo blog. The new MiSTer FPGA board will be a cost reduced version, and the target price is 99 dollar.
2024-05-17 - 12:09:00 - Week: 20 - Item number: 12382 - Category: Amiga, Blog
The demo portal has added new demos for the Commodore C64 computer. The new files are: Accuracy, The Harbourmaster, PCB Ghost, Vader's Carinthian Crew, LCD 7 font, Seawatch, May the fourth, Polyphonix.., The Magic.., Summer Rain, Drawings, Bumzai, DRAG ON, Platoon, Shock Pack 5, Sid Accompanist, Sound of C, Doodle Dia-Show 2, Doodle Dia-Show, ToonS-O-matic, Blazon Marbles, GP-Micro-Intro, Blazon - Dirart 12 and Slanghai Express.
2024-05-17 - 12:08:00 - Week: 20 - Item number: 12381 - Category: C64, Demo
You can listen to a new FlashBack podcast with lots of music. In this episode: Trackerartist - Feminine taco, Megus of Brainwave - Some funky day, Frostbite - Gemini Man Theme, Beek - Pookster, 4-mat - Dream again, Deathjester of Anarchy - Orgasmod, Dj Keys - Darkside Compo Edit, Xerxes - Wings, FigureFarter - Plok's House, Velvet of Tokyo dawn - Apartment49, J0rgen Andersson - Monotomix, Fuzion_mixer (tqc001) - Tunnel Vision, Manamana - Only "I love you", Peter Salomonsen - Garbage collection, Soda7 of Darkage - Pixel Waves, Sakuya - Theme Windows XP and Walkman - Klisje paa klisje.
2024-05-17 - 12:07:00 - Week: 20 - Item number: 12380 - Category: Commodore, Music
Broken Mirror s a new text adventure game for the Commodore C64 computer, developed by Tommie Hansmar (code & pixels) and 4gente zeus zardax (music). In the game, you must find a way out of a damp and cold prison-cell.
2024-05-17 - 12:06:00 - Week: 20 - Item number: 12379 - Category: C64, Game
Passione Amiga is an Italian printed Amiga magazine. In this edition: News, Dice Master, Ambermoon Advanced, Abbey(s) of the Dead, R-Squadron, Glubble, StepFive, Bunny's Boing Ball Bounty, Jump 'n' Bump, Moon Patrol, Frogger, Donkey Kong, Netsuft, MultiPaint 2024, Buddha Plus One, Roguecraft, Heretic II ed. 2024, Emiliano Esposito, Amiga and networks, Passione Amiga Day Spring Edition and Revision 2024.
2024-05-17 - 12:05:00 - Week: 20 - Item number: 12378 - Category: Amiga, Magazine
Ball Bin is a new game for the Commodore C64 computer, developed by Iceout. The game is only 512 bytes in size.
2024-05-17 - 12:04:00 - Week: 20 - Item number: 12377 - Category: C64, Game
A new video from the CRG YouTube channel is now available. In this video: How to build and install a SID card for your Sinclair Spectrum computer.
2024-05-17 - 12:03:00 - Week: 20 - Item number: 12376 - Category: Commodore, Hardware
Shift Preview is a new puzzle game for the Commodore C64 computer developed by Haplo. Step into the monochromatic and mind-bending universe of Shift, where black and white landscapes hide more than meets the eye.
2024-05-17 - 12:02:00 - Week: 20 - Item number: 12375 - Category: C64, Game
You can read a blog, from LinuxJedi, about repairing an Amiga A1200 computer with a strange problem. This Amiga A1200 computer works fine, but only for 15 minutes.
2024-05-17 - 12:01:00 - Week: 20 - Item number: 12374 - Category: Amiga, Repair
DarkVision released a new version of GDOS64 (v0.51). If you want to use GDOS64 you will need GEOS64, a 1581, 1 MB RAM and a turbo card.
2024-05-17 - 12:00:00 - Week: 20 - Item number: 12373 - Category: C64, Program
CBMSTUFF has started an Indiegogo campaign to produce a new keyboard for the Commodore C64 and C64c. The first goal of the Blingboard64 has already been reached, but more advanced versions are possible with more funding.
2024-05-10 - 12:19:00 - Week: 19 - Item number: 12372 - Category: C64, Hardware
A new edition of the English and German Amiga magazine Amiga Future is now available. In this edition: Interviews: David John Pleasance, Steve Quartly and Paul Huxham, Special SmallWeb, Planetary Void, Parallax-Scrolling on the Amiga, Final Fight, Ghosts of Blackwood, Subbuteo, Donkey Kong, PhotoFolio, Compression, AmigaOS 3.2 - The Manual, Redit, SimpleIDE, Trevors Soapbox, Amiga 4000TX and the Amiga 1222 Plus.
2024-05-10 - 12:18:00 - Week: 19 - Item number: 12371 - Category: Amiga, Magazine
You can now watch a new video from the Reviving Retro YouTube channel. In this video, the repair of a Commodore C64 computer with a lot of bad IC's.
2024-05-10 - 12:17:00 - Week: 19 - Item number: 12370 - Category: C64, Repair
Omino Stage Game is a new game for Icaros Desktop, developed by Giovanni Iacobelli. In the game you must guide our hero through the levels, and fight with the evil virus in the final level.
2024-05-10 - 12:16:00 - Week: 19 - Item number: 12369 - Category: Amiga, Game
With the SEUCK Title Screen Maker you can make a title screen for your own SEUCK game. The features are: Music, Koala or OCP Art studio logo, character sets, credits, scroll text and a comprehensive manual.
2024-05-10 - 12:15:00 - Week: 19 - Item number: 12368 - Category: C64, Program
Report+ is a utility for the Amiga computer. The features are: Bug reporting tool, Edit A3000/A4000-type battery-backed memory. Edit the manufacturer and product ID registries. View IFF/RIFF-files, Batch processing on icon files and an ASCII-converter.
2024-05-10 - 12:14:00 - Week: 19 - Item number: 12367 - Category: Amiga, Program
You can now watch a set of photographs from CLASS 2024 - Commodore Los Angeles Super Show.
2024-05-10 - 12:13:00 - Week: 19 - Item number: 12366 - Category: Commodore, Event
You can watch a new video from the Laird's Lair YouTube-channel. In this video: 10 Amazing facts about the Amiga 1200 computer.
2024-05-10 - 12:12:00 - Week: 19 - Item number: 12365 - Category: Amiga, Information
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