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The web page has had an update with many new items: Manosoft SD Card pack, Backbit C64 Firmware, Turbo Chameleon 64: Apple2e, Archimedes, IremM62, Minimig AGA, MiSTery, MoonPatrol, NeoGeo, Next186, Oric, Pacman & SVI328, Commodore Care Manual, Blue Chip Printer Interface Manual, File-Survey and Screen Dump, Etc. Manual.
2024-05-17 - 12:18:00 - Week: 20 - Item number: 12391 - Category: Commodore, Program
SW64 is a command-oriented wedge to control SD2IEC devices, developed by DiscMix for the Commodore C64 computer. The available commands are: DIR, MD, RD, CD, CI, STAT, SDR and SC.
2024-05-17 - 12:14:00 - Week: 20 - Item number: 12387 - Category: C64, Program
An update for the MorphOS Storage web page: MCE_15.0.lha, PolyOrga_1.26.lha, AmiArcadia_32.41.lha, ReportPlus_8.49.lha, Wayfarer_8.2.lha, OpenTTD_14.1.lha, Easy2Install_1.0b52.lha, Iris_1.26.lha, HLE-PokerCard_FE.lha, OpenFodder_1.8.lha, MicroExcel_1.1a.lha, ods_1.0.lha, Formator_1.1.lha, Expression_1.2.lha, Image2PDF_2.6.lha, Fallout2-ce_1.3.lha, snes9x_1.62.3.lha, Protrekkr_2.6.7.lha, GitDesktop_0.15.18.lha, DoomRPG_0.2.2.lha and BeWorld, BSzili.
2024-05-17 - 12:13:00 - Week: 20 - Item number: 12386 - Category: Amiga, Program
DarkVision released a new version of GDOS64 (v0.51). If you want to use GDOS64 you will need GEOS64, a 1581, 1 MB RAM and a turbo card.
2024-05-17 - 12:00:00 - Week: 20 - Item number: 12373 - Category: C64, Program
With the SEUCK Title Screen Maker you can make a title screen for your own SEUCK game. The features are: Music, Koala or OCP Art studio logo, character sets, credits, scroll text and a comprehensive manual.
2024-05-10 - 12:15:00 - Week: 19 - Item number: 12368 - Category: C64, Program
Report+ is a utility for the Amiga computer. The features are: Bug reporting tool, Edit A3000/A4000-type battery-backed memory. Edit the manufacturer and product ID registries. View IFF/RIFF-files, Batch processing on icon files and an ASCII-converter.
2024-05-10 - 12:14:00 - Week: 19 - Item number: 12367 - Category: Amiga, Program
You can now watch a new video from the My Developer Thoughts YouTube channel. In this video, you can see how to set up a PC to use Kick Assembler and Visual Studio Code to write Commodore C64 Assembly Language.
2024-05-10 - 12:09:00 - Week: 19 - Item number: 12362 - Category: C64, Program
The program Retrospex, developed by Michel de Bree, can convert an image to match Commodore C64 graphic modes specifications. The program is designed to be used as part of a development toolchain.
2024-05-10 - 12:05:00 - Week: 19 - Item number: 12358 - Category: C64, Program
A new version of AmiKit is now available as a download. The changes in this version are: WinUAE, Startup, SonosController, AmigaGPT, AmiSSL, HEIF Converter, IsoMount, DOpus5, JPEG2000, PCX, SysVars, Demos, AmigaAMP, AmiKick, Codesets Library, DOSBox, Identify Library, iGame, Image2PDF, Infinite Music Player, Mnemosyne, RNOEffects, ScummVM, Discord and YAM.
2024-05-03 - 12:16:00 - Week: 18 - Item number: 12347 - Category: Amiga, Program
You can now watch a new video from the Martin Piper YouTube channel. In this episode: Martin is showing how he adapted SEUCK for the Commodore C64 computer so it can scroll to the left, instead of down or right as the previous releases did.
2024-05-03 - 12:15:00 - Week: 18 - Item number: 12346 - Category: C64, Program
CBMCAL is a new BASIC program for the Commodore CBM/PET, C64 and C128 computers. The features are: Month and Day view, an integrated help screen and it saves the calendar entries on diskette.
2024-05-03 - 12:14:00 - Week: 18 - Item number: 12345 - Category: Commodore, Program
With the Multi-game Character Editor you can edit character files, saved games and high score tables for more than 100 Amiga games.
2024-05-03 - 12:08:00 - Week: 18 - Item number: 12339 - Category: Amiga, Program
Image2PDF is a program to convert images like PG, PNG, BMP, IFF/ILBM, GIF, TIFF or PCX to a PDF file. But it can also convert a PDF file to an image file. Image2PDF is developed by Bernd Assenmacher, and is available for Amiga OS3, OS4 and MorphOS.
2024-04-26 - 12:12:00 - Week: 17 - Item number: 12323 - Category: Amiga, Program
Xander Mol released a new version of his VDC Screen Editor for the commodore C128 computer. Changes in this version: Multiple VDC text screen modes, including 80x50 (PETSCII), import and export functions and VDCSE2PRG program generator now supports all screen sizes / screen modes.
2024-04-26 - 12:10:00 - Week: 17 - Item number: 12321 - Category: C128(D), Program
Robin Harbron made a new YouTube video. This time he talks about the C64 astronomy program Sky Travel. He also takes a look at the prediction of the recent solar eclipse, with the help of the 20 MHz CMD SuperCPU Accelerator.
2024-04-26 - 12:05:00 - Week: 17 - Item number: 12316 - Category: C64, Program
Seq is an Amiga MIDI sequencer program for the Amiga computer, made by Tuomas Hokka. The program features quick editing and can be used with live performances.
2024-04-26 - 12:02:00 - Week: 17 - Item number: 12313 - Category: Amiga, Program
The Amiga Future website has new (full) downloads available: DiskPrint and AdressMaster. Reuploads: DreamWeb, Der Clou, Das Boot, Deluxe Pacman, Deluxe Galaga, Der Patrizier, Der Seelenturm, Guldkorn Expressen, Highway Patrol 2 and Hanse.
2024-04-19 - 12:16:00 - Week: 16 - Item number: 12307 - Category: Amiga, Program
The JOST Launcher is a Game/Demo starter for JOST exe to run .slave for WHDLOAD, and is compatible with kickstart 1.3. JOST launcher is developed by Youen Chéné and is set up for the Commodore CDTV, with a CDTV Remote, mouse or joystick.
2024-04-19 - 12:14:00 - Week: 16 - Item number: 12305 - Category: Amiga, Program
You can now test a new Wi-Fi driver for AmiKit and PiStorm. The AmiKit team is still working on the development of the driver, and the next step will be to add the encryption (WPA/WPA2).
2024-04-19 - 12:12:00 - Week: 16 - Item number: 12303 - Category: Amiga, Program
A new version of Hollywood Designer 7.0 is now available from Airsoft Softwair. New or updated in this version: Colour emojis, CJK text, multiple operations on objects and pages, objects groups, unlimited undo/redo, better memory usage and much more.
2024-04-19 - 12:10:00 - Week: 16 - Item number: 12301 - Category: Amiga, Program
Bart Venneker has made a new YouTube video (Dutch language). In this episode: An update on the Chat64 cartridge. With Chat64 you can chat online with a real Commodore C64 computer.
2024-04-19 - 12:07:00 - Week: 16 - Item number: 12298 - Category: C64, Program
The web page has had an update with many new items: Color 64 BBS v8.0 Manual, The Faery Tale Adventure Hintbook, The Fun Graphics Machine v6 Reference Manual, Magic Disk Kit Manual, Mega65 User's Guide, Blue Chip M120/10 Printer Owner's Manual and C Power Manual.
2024-04-12 - 12:21:00 - Week: 15 - Item number: 12289 - Category: Commodore, Program
An update for the MorphOS Storage web page: Expression_1.1.lha, MicroExcel_1.0.lha, ScummVM_2.8.1.lha, SDL_2.30.2_Libraries.lha, AmiArcadia_32.0.lha, LosMalditos_1.00.lha, DirSize_2.6.lha, tap2dsk_2.1.lha, neatvi-14.lha, Wayfarer_7.8.lha, Easy2Install_1.0b51.lha, Pangomonium_1.0.lha, butterfly.lha, fheroes2_1.0.13.lha, Iris_1.22.lha, Lite-XL_2.1.3r1.lha and SuDokuL_1.3.lha.
2024-04-12 - 12:16:00 - Week: 15 - Item number: 12284 - Category: Amiga, Program
DOSBox is a DOS-emulator that uses the SDL-library, which makes DOSBox very easy to port to different platforms. DOSBox is available for Windows, BeOS, Linux, MacOS X and Amiga.
2024-04-12 - 12:11:00 - Week: 15 - Item number: 12279 - Category: Amiga, Program
OpenSprite is a sprite editor program for the Windows PC. The program is developed by Jowin.
2024-04-12 - 12:00:00 - Week: 15 - Item number: 12268 - Category: Commodore, Program
REDPILL is a tool for creating games for Amiga without programming knowledge. It is easy to use, but you can also do complex things and create games with the true Amiga feeling. Changes in this version: Support for 1000 levels, improvements for Tilesets, Menu, Loading sprite / images, Print Text, Contains Tile, Restart Level, Destroy Children and Mutate.
2024-04-05 - 12:18:00 - Week: 14 - Item number: 12266 - Category: Amiga, Program
JC64dis (next generation C64 disassembler) is an iterative disassembler for MUS, SID and PRG files of the Commodore 64. The program is available as jar (java) and as exe for Windows.
2024-04-05 - 12:11:00 - Week: 14 - Item number: 12259 - Category: C64, Program
ALBERT is an editor for creating extended Commodore C64 images on the PC. The program is developed by Luigi Di Fraia and Joachim Ljunggren.
2024-04-05 - 12:06:00 - Week: 14 - Item number: 12254 - Category: Commodore, Program
Multipaint allows you to draw pictures with the colour limitations of 8 bit computer platforms. Changes in this version: Improvements for the preview window, pan function, viewport, interactive tutorial, PNG files and much more.
2024-03-29 - 12:16:00 - Week: 13 - Item number: 12244 - Category: Commodore, Program
Bszggg released the Mouse Extension v1.0 for the Commodore Plus/4 computer. The program is available in PRG and CRT versions. The D64 version also includes various examples for basic mouse programming.
2024-03-29 - 12:03:00 - Week: 13 - Item number: 12231 - Category: C16, C116, Plus/4, Program
The Versatile Amiga Test Program is developed for all Amiga computers. The available tests are: Screen, Audio, Sprite, Blitter, CD32 joypad, Keyboard, CIA, ROM, CPU, FPU, RTC, Memory, Address-line, Real Interrupt, Interrupt Request, Disk-drive, Parallel-port and Serial-Port.
2024-03-22 - 12:16:00 - Week: 12 - Item number: 12223 - Category: Amiga, Program
The program ham_convert is written by Sebastian Sieczko and can convert a normal jpg, gif or png image to one of the graphic modes of the Amiga. Its main use is to produce high-quality hold-and-modify (HAM) images.
2024-03-22 - 12:14:00 - Week: 12 - Item number: 12221 - Category: Amiga, Program
Lite XL is a lightweight text editor written in Lua and SDL2 and can be used on AmigaOS 4 and MorphOS 3. Recent changes: Support for AmiUpdate and the Tetris plugin, SDL 2.30.0 and a lot of small errors are fixed.
2024-03-22 - 12:04:00 - Week: 12 - Item number: 12211 - Category: Amiga, Program
The Amiga Future website has new (full) downloads available: The Puzzle Gallery: At the Carnival and Jonathan. Reuploads: Brainstorm, Burnout, Bonanza Bros, Breathless, Blockhead, Beneath a Steel Sky, Behind the Iron Gate, Boulder Däsh, Cytadela, Cygnus 8, Crystal Kindom Dizzy, Crystal Dragon, Cool Droc Twins, Colossus Chess X, Clockwiser, Charon 5, Castle Kingdoms and Cabal.
2024-03-15 - 12:14:00 - Week: 11 - Item number: 12201 - Category: Amiga, Program
An update for the MorphOS Storage web page: SuDokuL_1.3.lha, Easy2Install_1.0b50.lha, Woof_14.2.0.lha, MirageImager_1.2.lha, Dandanator_1.1.lha, Fallout1-ce_1.1.lha, Albireo_1.6.lha, lwtools-4.22.lha, GitDesktop_0.13.22.lha, Wayfarer_7.5.lha, AmiArcadia_30.81.lha, codesets_6.22.lha, 2nd-Albireo_1.6.lha, MCE_14.61.lha, ReportPlus_8.48.lha, Iris_1.21.lha, SonosController_1.4.lha, iGame_2.4.6.lha, Protrekkr_2.6.5.lha and AppLauncher_2.6.lha.
2024-03-15 - 12:08:00 - Week: 11 - Item number: 12195 - Category: Amiga, Program
Ami-Express was a BBS System that ran on the Amiga series of computers and was developed by Lightspeed Technologies in the 1990s. This is a rewrite of that system written in Amiga E by Darren Coles. It is open source and has new features and bug fixes.
2024-03-08 - 12:18:00 - Week: 10 - Item number: 12184 - Category: Amiga, Program
Wayfarer is a web browser for MorphOS, based on a recent branch of WebKit. Changes in this version: Improvements for HLS Live video playback and the User Interface for the settings.
2024-03-08 - 12:08:00 - Week: 10 - Item number: 12174 - Category: Amiga, Program
Iris is a modern IMAP based email client for MorphOS. The features are: Support for Gmail, and Yahoo!, multiple accounts, HTML email, spell checker, attachments, offline mode and PDF export.
2024-03-08 - 12:06:00 - Week: 10 - Item number: 12172 - Category: Amiga, Program
Rave is a sound editor for AmigaOS4-compatible computers, developed by Daniel Jedlicka. The features are: Modern GUI, tabs, asynchronous operations, clipboard, plugin-system and support for many audio file types and formats.
2024-03-01 - 12:17:00 - Week: 9 - Item number: 12161 - Category: Amiga, Program
Petmate is a cross-platform PETSCII drawing program that was developed by Janne Hellsten. This version is developed by wbochar, and he has made some bugfixes and is adding new features.
2024-03-01 - 12:08:00 - Week: 9 - Item number: 12152 - Category: Commodore, Program
SonosController lets you control your Sonos speakers from any Amiga connected to the same network. SonosController is developed by Michael Rupp, and the features are: Network search, Grouping, Control commands: Play, Pause, Next, Shuffle, etc. Display the title, artist and album, playlists and much more.
2024-03-01 - 12:06:00 - Week: 9 - Item number: 12150 - Category: Amiga, Program
HexSee is a hex viewer that displays a file contents in blocks of 16 characters per line. The features are: File size max is 4 GB, buffer size is 128 KB, configure your text and background colours and support for scroll-wheel mouse.
2024-03-01 - 12:04:00 - Week: 9 - Item number: 12148 - Category: Amiga, Program
AmiFox is a web browser for the classic Amiga computer. AmiFox uses a virtual Chrome browser on a server that is remote controlled by AmiFox sending back images of the webpage and processing mouse clicks and key strokes.
2024-03-01 - 12:00:00 - Week: 9 - Item number: 12144 - Category: Amiga, Program
Roadshow is an Amiga TCP/IP stack allows you to connect to the Internet, access your e-mail, web pages, chat, etc. It can also help you access and exchange files within your local home network. Roadshow is one of the fastest, if not the fastest Amiga TCP/IP stack.
2024-02-23 - 12:18:00 - Week: 8 - Item number: 12142 - Category: Amiga, Program
AmiGemini is a browser for the Gemini protocol developed by Karl Jeacle. Changes in this version: Support for the Nex protocol and catalog files for Español, Français and Svenska.
2024-02-23 - 12:16:00 - Week: 8 - Item number: 12140 - Category: Amiga, Program
A new version of the Mod-Player: HippoPlayer for the Amiga computer is available. This program is developed by Kari-Pekka Koljonen. Changes in this version: MHI output, MPEGA, playback timer, sample data,14-bit mode and reSID output mode.
2024-02-23 - 12:14:00 - Week: 8 - Item number: 12138 - Category: Amiga, Program
C64 Studio is an assembly development environment which is dependent on VICE. You can write assembly code and test this with the VICE emulator. In this version, support for Z80 and 68k. Improvements for Clipboard, Charset export, Disassembler, BASIC variable listing, !fi, SID, Binary Editor, Sprite editor, XC-BASIC, !text, ACME, C64Ass, File Manager, TASM and the BASIC-editor.
2024-02-23 - 12:13:00 - Week: 8 - Item number: 12137 - Category: Commodore, Program
SID Toolbox is an online editor for commodore C64 .sid files, developed by Stello Doussis. You can easily edit any existing .sid files by dragging and dropping them into the interface, or you can create a new .sid file.
2024-02-23 - 12:11:00 - Week: 8 - Item number: 12135 - Category: Commodore, Program
Protrekkr is a tracker program combining a software synthesizer together with a traditional sample tracker which can be used to create electronic music. The AROS version is developed by Franck Charlet.
2024-02-23 - 12:05:00 - Week: 8 - Item number: 12129 - Category: Amiga, Program
A new version of AROS One x86 is now available. New or updated in this version: Descriptor Datatypes, Dopus4, ZuneARC, BootSound, Menu GRUB, OWB Config, Icondrop, SCANdal, VorbisTools, JCalc, IconDropx86, Image2PDF, Potrace, Dcraw, Memeter, WorldTime, RNOEffects, Demos Mindlapse, Sacrificio Pagano, MCC_Thebar, Protrekkr, Sonos Controller, LoView, World Construction Set, Abbaye Des Morts, WormWars and AstralGame.
2024-02-23 - 12:01:00 - Week: 8 - Item number: 12125 - Category: Amiga, Program
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