This web site is dedicated to keeping the Commodore PET and CBM II series alive into the future. On this web site you can find information and discussions about the PET/CBM II. This web page wants to promote an active development scene for the PET / CBM II and preserve and distribute PET/CBM II related software, manuals and code.
2007-11-24 - 13:24:00 - Week: 47 - Item number: 669 - Category: KIM-1, PET, CBM, Web page
The micro-KIM is a clone of the KIM-1 created by MOS technologies in 1975 as a development board for the 6502 CPU. The micro-KIM uses many of the same components as the KIM-1 to give it that authentic vintage feel. A total of 5K RAM is onboard with an expansion header for future expansion of memory or add-on boards.
2007-06-23 - 12:00:00 - Week: 26 - Item number: 568 - Category: KIM-1, PET, CBM, Hardware
Cameron Kaiser has updated his KIM-1 information page. Besides technical info on this first Commodore computer Cameron also released a KIM-1 emulator that runs on a Commodore C64. This emulator is called the Incredible KIMplement. It is a true, partial emulation of the original KIM-1 hardware featuring: Powered by "6o6" - a full software NMOS 6502 emulation with all addressing modes, simulated ROM, and simulated memory - mapped I/O. LED and keypad emulation via partial RIOT emulation. TTY emulation (ASR-33 subset) via partial RIOT emulation. SST emulation. 4K RAM expander card KIM-4 emulation with 8K RAM expander card (thus total address space 16K).Revision EPROMs built-in, so you don't have to find a pirated set or download them from your own KIM. Load and save RAM dumps to disk.
2007-01-01 - 12:00:00 - Week: 1 - Item number: 456 - Category: KIM-1, PET, CBM, Emulator
Michael Sachse has made an update available for XLOAD. This program makes it possible to transfer data from a modern PC to the early PETs with Basic 2.0. The computers are connected with a User port - Printer port cable. The transfer rate is about 9,5 KB/Sec.
2006-10-09 - 12:00:00 - Week: 41 - Item number: 401 - Category: KIM-1, PET, CBM, Hardware
Michael Sachse has put a database on-line for CBM games. There are now 43 games on-line you can download. Games are for the first line of Commodore computers like the CBM and PET machines. All games come with an screen-shot and details.
2006-05-08 - 12:00:00 - Week: 19 - Item number: 301 - Category: KIM-1, PET, CBM, Game
For the Plus/4, C16 and C116 a SID cartridge is being developed. But next are the PET's and CBM's. There is an expansion available to put a SID (music chip from the C64) into the "oldies".
2005-08-08 - 12:00:00 - Week: 32 - Item number: 123 - Category: KIM-1, PET, CBM, Hardware
PET / CBM owners missed out on the cartridgeport like on the next generation of Commodore computers like the VIC 20, C64. Plus/4, ect. But Michael Sachse build himself a catridgeport for the PET/CBM series. Take a look at his website for the schematics and detailed explanation.
2005-07-11 - 12:00:00 - Week: 27 - Item number: 104 - Category: KIM-1, PET, CBM, Hardware
XLOAD is an easy to use way to transfer data from a DOS-PC to a CBM/PET computer. The computer is connected via a Userport <-> Printerport adapter. At the moment it's a one-way system (PC to CBM/PET) but that will change in newer versions of XLOAD. At the moment the transferrate is about 0.5KB/Sec. The test PC is a AT 486/DX-2 66Mhz.
2005-05-23 - 12:00:00 - Week: 21 - Item number: 79 - Category: KIM-1, PET, CBM, Program
On Michael Sachse website you can read a complete manual to program the 2001, 3001, 8001 computer in the assembler language. Manual is in the German language.
2005-05-09 - 12:00:00 - Week: 19 - Item number: 71 - Category: KIM-1, PET, CBM, Program
If you think about a grafix card you might think that's something for the modern PC. But even for the PET series a grafix card was made by the company Eltecthe PET series had a grafix card ad-on. With this card could do a 220 x 256 bitmap on the screen. You can download the whole document and schematics. (German language)
2005-03-07 - 12:00:00 - Week: 10 - Item number: 37 - Category: KIM-1, PET, CBM, Hardware
If you want to program the 6809 on the SuperPet you can download the complete manual of the Waterloo 6809 assembler in pdf version.
2005-02-14 - 12:00:00 - Week: 7 - Item number: 26 - Category: KIM-1, PET, CBM, Web page

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