A new edition of RetroMagazine World is now available. In this edition the following articles: Philips Videopac / Magnavox Odyssey2, GameCube, Galaksija, Deep Learning - C64, NESOS, Sheepshaver, Multicolor bitmap - C64 / C128, Kathleen Booth, Japan (20), Como Fun 2022, Antonio Nati, Invincible, Maniac Mansion, 4th & inches, Powa!, Touhou, Captain Ishtar, Gun Nac, Alundra, 1942, The Battle of Olympus, Bruce Lee: Return of Fury, Lilly's Saga, Mision La Luna, Kitsune Zero, Invader from Andromeda and Castle of Terror.

The Italian version of RetroMagazine World.
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