Tunnels & Trolls is a fantasy role-playing game designed by Ken St. Andre in 1975. In this Amiga version you do not need paper, dice, cards or the T&T rulebook. The supported adventures are: Abyss, Amulet of the Salkti, Arena of Khazan, Beyond the Silvered Pane, Blue Frog Tavern, Buffalo Castle, Captif d'Yvoire, Caravan to Tiern, City of Terrors, Dargon's Dungeon, Deathtrap Equalizer, Gamesmen of Kasar, Goblin Lake, Labyrinth, Mistywood, Naked Doom, Overkill, Red Circle, Sea of Mystery, Sewers of Oblivion, Sorcerer Solitaire, Sword for Hire, Trollstone Caverns and Weirdworld.
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