A new edition of RetroMagazine World is now available. In this edition the following articles: Atari VCS/2600, iQue, Grundy New Brain, C64 PLA, Susi strikes again, MSX BASIC, Turbo Pascal, FORTH, Atari 50, Game Boy, Kick Assembler, Sensible World of Soccer, Nolan Bushnell, Japan, Zak McKracken, ListAmiga, RM, None of us, Son of the Kung Fu Master, Advanced Busterhawk Gley Lancer, Kidou Soukon Dion, Star Fox Ex, New Joe & Mac:Caveman Ninj, Turrican II AGA, Bosconian, Duck Hunt, Toki, Stevedore, Alice Sisters, Kiki Kaikai Advance, Project Blue, Wonderboy, Muddy's Racers, Terrestrial, Supercooked, Wyvern Tales and Gremlins.
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