The current entries of the 2016 Reset C64 4KB Game Coding Comp are: M4573RB4G3L5 (Cout Games), Colon 10 (Cout Games), Dog (Vanje Utne), Granny's Teeth (Richard Bayliss), Goblin (Vanja Utne), Valentine's Day Shopping Simulator (Karmic), Watschinator (Endurion), Antarctica (Antarctica), Picross 4k (Oziphantom), Zombie Massacre (Wanax), Lumberjack (Majikeyric), Bonkey Kong (Graham Axten), Super Ski (Andreas Gustafsson) and ? (Paul Koller).
2016-09-30 - 13:04:00 - Week: 39 - Item number: 5008 - Category: C64, Competition

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