In this German language d64 magazine the following articles: Computer Szene, News, CTG, KuNo Party, Crank Crank Revolution, Jake the Snake v5.0, Digger, Arhena the Amazon, Diced-64 Hyperzap 2018, Jadeworld, Bintris, Trolley Follies, Vector Runner, Dodge, Traky, Spikes, Sky Diving, Rogue Ninja, Schlimeisch Mania II, The Walking Death, Moon over Afghanistan, Missile Blasta, Algol, Dreamworld, CETI, Panzer Patty's Pink Tank Adventures, Battle in the Woods, Foodball, Craptastic 2018, Jump Man Basic, Boray Gamon, Thinker, Knight Fight, Bad Tiling, Stick Breaker, Sydney Hunter, Rocket Smash EX, Gravitrix, Moonspire, Platmans World, Organism, Rocky Memphis, Tiger Claw, Eye of the Gods, Caren and the T. Tentacles and the charts.
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