Sidekick64 is a versatile cartridge/expansion for the C64, C128 and C16/+4 whose functionality is entirely defined by software running on a Raspberry Pi 3 (RPi). Recent changes: Support for Atomic/Nordic Power, KCS Power Cartridge, Super Snapshot V5, Easyflash, GMod2, Prophet64, MagicDesk/Domark/HES, Australia, Dinamic, Ocean, C64 Game System, Funplay/Powerplay, (Super) Zaxxon, Comal80, Epyx, Fastload and Simons Basic. Improvements for SID-emulation, joystick, Disk2EasyFlash and PSID.
2021-01-22 - 12:19:00 - Week: 3 - Item number: 8803 - Category: C64, Hardware

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