Strona GTW64 została zaktualizowana. Nowy: 3D Starfighter, 3DCK missing games, 4 Emelet, 7DShoot, Another Kingdom, Avoiditic, Boost, Cold Devil, Core, Crazy Carson Cousins, Cyclone Blower, Excalibur, Gape, Knightshift, Moses: Old Testament Adventure #1, Plopp, Prime Time, Princess of Dark, Pushover64, RISK! V1, Real Speed We Need, Saper, Secret of Robert Roy, Sigma Wing, Space Out, Space Shooter, Spy vs Spy II V1, Super Mario Bros, Super Stardust, The Fallen - Special Edition, Think Twice, TuSh - Tube Shooters, War Deal, Who Carez, Whole Brain Spelling series, Xane, Yloa's Complex i Ze-III. Update: Anna, Batman Returns, Born In Space, Chopperman, Clod Jumper, Commodore Juicer, Daffy Duck, Deadlock, Death Pit, Deathstalker, Devious Designs, Dr Who and the Warlord, Dungeons, Amethysts, Alchemists 'n Everythin', Evolution Cryser, Fungus 2, Game Got No Name, Habitat, Hex-Bert, Judge Death, Lord Mc Sun, Mattie Goes Mining, Mike The Dragon, Mission Jupiter, Murder!, Nether, Orcus, Panic Button, People from Sirius, Phantom Club, Qrazy Qber, Rip Off, Scramble 2010, Stoo Fotheringham art assets, Tamagotchi, The Lost World, Worron i Xiphoid.
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