VCF East 2019
You can now watch videos from the recent Vintage Computer Federation East 2019 meeting: Bil Herd, Dave Test, Jason Perkins, Ian Primus, Homebrew Computing, Tony Bogan, Bill Lange, Dean Notarnicola, Chris Fala, Andy Diller, Stephen Edwards and Joe Decuir.
BBC - Computer Literacy Project
The BBC made 267 videos available from old computer TV programs. A few examples from the Computer Literacy Project: The Silicon Factor, Managing the Micro, The Computer Programme, Making the Most of the Micro and Micro Live.
Jan Derogee - Youtube counter & Shower curtain rings
Jan Derogee made two videos about two Do It Yourself projects. In the first video you can see how to build a Youtube counter for in your living room.

And the second video is about new shower curtain rings.
Jan Derogee - More diskette adventures
Jan Derogee made more videos about his adventures. How automatically close the door using some rope and some floppy disks?

When you want to make a painting, a floppy can make a wonderful palette.
The Guru Meditation - AmiEXPO 1990
In this episode of the Guru Meditation: AmiEXPO 1990 - Commodore Amiga Video Magazine.
Jan Derogee - More diskette adventures
Jan Derogee made more videos about his adventures. This time problems with socks and storage...
Jan Derogee - More diskette adventures
Jan Derogee made more videos about his adventures. This time problems with a party and a door...
C64 TV commercials on your C64
Daddlertl3 has converted a number of TV commercials to the Commodore C64 with a 16 MB REU.
MindFlareRetro - PLAnkton
MindFlareRetro made a video about the presentation of Francois Leveille (eslapion) at the World of Commodore 2017 show in Toronto. This presentation is about the PLAnkton, a replacement for the Commodore 64 PLA.
Jan Derogee - More adventures
Jan Derogee made more videos about his adventures. This time problems with spies, a loose board and a cat...
Jan Derogee - Diskettes
Jan Derogee made videos about diskettes. Jan, the inventor of the 1541-III and the Cassiopei (1 & 2) is trying to use real diskettes for his Commodore computers.

Part 2 of the diskette adventures of Jan Derogee.
Commodore exhibition Braunschweig
Thilo made a video in the Commodore exhibition Braunschweig - the history of Commodore with the C64 & Amiga.
Amiga Hardware Programming in C
Wei-ju Wu made another video about programming the Amiga in the language C. This episode is about how to display images and how to convert PNG images for use in your own programs.
Dan Wood from made a video about MorphOS. MorphOS is an Amiga-like modern operating system and Dan tells about what you can do with it.
The story of Commodore
At the 2016 Hackaday SuperConference, Bil Herd gave a talk on the second act of Commodore's three-act tragedy.
The Video Game Crash of 1983
A new Crash Course from Patreon is now available. In this episode the games from the eighties and the retro computers of that age: Donkey Kong, Pac-Man, Space Invaders, Centipede, Pitfall, Castle Wolfenstein, Atari, Commodore, Apple, etc.
C64 Fun Programming
Steve Morrow has started a new series of videos to show people how to program in BASIC on the Commodore C64. In this videos: Variables, Strings, Calculating numbers, IF, READ, FOR/NEXT and GET.
Stefans Amiga Welt
Stefan started a new Youtube channel. On this channel you can view videos about Amiga computers. At this moment you can watch the following videos: Amiga 600, Amiga 1200/60, Amiga 2000/60, Amiga 3000/60 D and the Amiga 4000/60 D.
Bil Herd - Commodore LCD
Bil Herd made a video of the most rare Commodore computer the Commodore LCD. In the video he opens the Commodore LCD and explains all the parts inside. The video is almost 15 minutes and you can watch it on Youtube.
Dave Haynie - VCF East 2014
At the VCF East 2014 meeting Dave Haynie talked about the development of the various Amiga systems, up into the last days of Commodore in April 1994. The Vintage Computer Festival East and is a meeting for retro computer users that was held on the 6th of April 2014 in Wall, United states of America.
Commodore 64 game design
Steve Morrow made a video about game design. In the video he explains the following subjects: Programming with Basic and assembly language. Working with character sets and sprite definitions. Reading the joystick and writing on the screen.

All the videos from Steve Morrow.
VIC20 - Game compilation
Vicman has made a compilation of games. You can now watch more than 750 video's of Commodore VIC20 games. A few examples are: D'Fuse, ET, Falcon Fighter, Galactic Abductors, Halloween, Ice, Jackpot, K-razy Antiks and Ladders.
World of Commodore 2012 - Videos
The Toronto PET Users Group published a series of videos from the World of Commodore 2012 meeting. You can watch the following videos: Censor Design Legacy Demo Preview (John Hammarberg), PETSynth 2.0 (Chiron Bramberger), Coding a Demo (Dan Kovacs), MIDI in FastFingers (Dan Laskowski), Hello Amiga, Innovations (Jim Brain), Ultimate Modded VIC-20 (Leif Bloomquist) and M.U.L.E. Returns (Matt Brudzynski, Comma8 Studios).
Commodore Pet 2001-32N (CBM 3032) review
Terry Stewart (tezza) talks about the vintage / classic computers in his collection. This time he talks about his Commodore Pet 2001-32N (or CBM 3032). He shows brochures, hardware, the inside of the computer, the PETDisk system, games, programs, documentation, etc.

The personal web page of Terry Stewart.
Commodore CDTV - review
Dan Wood made an review of the Commodore CDTV (Commodore Dynamic Total Vision). In the 30 minute video you can see the connections and interfaces, external devices such as the keyboard, disk drive, mouse and the remote control. He also show various games and programs for the CDTV.
Commodore 8 Bit Repair - VCF 2012
At the VCF East 2012 Rob Clarke and Bil Herd presented a workshop. In this workshop you could learn how to diagnose your vintage 8 bit computers. They told about methods and tools you can use to repair your Commodore from the PET until the C128. You can now watch the video of the workshop on YouTube.
Computer:club 2 - 30 Years Commodore 64
The German television program Computer:club 2 made a special episode about the Commodore C64. The Computerclub television program started in 1983 with the presenters Wolfgang Back and Wolfgang Rudolph. Episode 91 is about the Commodore C64, and shows all the versions from the Silver label until the C65. The guests in this show are Frank Erstling (Editor of the Return magazine) and Commodore collector Jan Jansen.
Commodore 64: 8 Bit Legend
Mike Berry (The Kernal) made a very beautiful video about the Commodore C64. In this tribute video you can see many games, demo's, cracking groups and a couple of legendary people. The music in the video is made by Terra Cresta, Jess D. Skov-Nielsen and Martin Galway.
Bil Herd - VCF
At the last Vintage Computer Festival East Bil Herd talked about working for Commodore from just before the departure of Jack Tramiel to the coming of Amiga. The video is split into three parts and is 110 minutes in total.
World's First: Single Board Computer KIM-1
On the video channel from mkkiani you can see many World's First. This time he shows the Commodore KIM-1. The KIM-1 was released in 1976 and was the first single board computer that was commercially available. The KIM-1 has an 6502 CPU, 1 kByte RAM, ROM, Hexadecimal keyboard, LED display, 15 In / Outputs and a Cassette interface.

Another World's First: The first colour home computer, the VIC-20.
Retr0Bright demonstration video
GalileanMoons made an video on how to use Retr0Bright. Retr0Bright is a chemical method to remove the yellowing of plastics. In this 2-part video he removes the yellowing of a 30 year old Dragon 32 computer. You can see the results of an 8 hour and a 12 hour cleaning.

More details on Retr0Bright.
Amitopia TV
Amitopia TV is now 24 hours per day available. This week on Amitopia TV: Showcase, Animated Zone - Creativity into one show, AmiReporters, Commodore Amiga History - History of Commodore and Amiga, Amiga News - Latest Headlines and I Love Amiga 2012 - Tenerife Amiga Club Meeting.
Interview: Bil Herd and Joe Myshko
Gene Mitchell from the WCHE radio show Computer Corner will be having an interview with Bil Herd and Joe Myshko. WCHE is an AM radio station in West Chester USA. West Chester is the town of the old Commodore factory. The interview is on Saturday 31 March and you can send in your questions.
TPUG - YouTube channel
TPUG (Toronto PET Users Group) has launched a YouTube channel. On this channel you can see several presentations from recent World of Commodore shows. A few examples of these presentations are: PetSynth, Ultimate, Fastfingers, ZoomFloppy, EasyFlash, Visual 6502 etc.

Web page of the TPUG (Toronto PET Users Group).
Deeds Of Yore
Deeds Of Yore is a fictional C64 Role Playing Game. It is in the style of the classic games like Ultima I-IV, Legacy of the Ancients, Bard's Tale and others. You can watch a new episode every week. The latest episode "Level 10" is now available. Deeds Of Yore has been selected to screen at the LA Web Series Festival in April!

The Youtube channel of Deeds Of Yore.
Recorded Amiga Games
The web page Recorded Amiga Games added more long-play Amiga games last month. Now you can watch: Maniac Mansion, Zak McKracken, Ganymed, Tetris Pro, Flintstones, Big Red Adventure, Space Ace II: Borf's Revenge, Space Ace, Dragon's Lair: Escape from Singe's Castle, Monster Business and Mystical.
Commodore in TV-series
You are watching a TV-series, and you see a Commodore computer. In this video you can see 50 appearances of Commodore in TV-series. A few examples of the TV-series are: ALF, Buck Rogers, Derrick, Empty Nest, Futurama, Knight Rider, MacGyver, Magnum P.I., Miami Vice, Psych, Sesame Street, The IT crowd and more.
Commodore in the movies
You are watching a movie, and you see a Commodore computer. In this video you can see 75 appearances of Commodore in the movies. A few examples of the movies are: 23, Airplane II, Brain Dead, Crash and Burn, Electric Dreams, Food of the Gods II, Go Trabi Go, Jewel of the Nile, Operation: Zeitsturm, Police Academy 3, Star Trek, The Wrath of Khan, Wayne's World and more.
Deeds Of Yore
Deeds Of Yore is a fictional C64 Role Playing Game. It is in the style of the classic games like Ultima I-IV, Legacy of the Ancients, Bard's Tale and others. You can watch a new episode every week. The story is about David Grigsby who lost his car, girlfriend and his job. When he plays the game "Deeds of Yore" on his Commodore 64 he is magically transported into the game.

The Youtube channel of Deeds Of Yore.
Behind the scenes of a C64 demo
Ninja / The Dreams gave a presentation on the 28th Chaos Communication Congress in Germany. In this 1 hour presentation he explains how to make a demo for the Commodore C64. The topics are: Design choices, Effects, Data compression, Loading data, Dirty tricks, Synchronization, Linking and how to keep it all in 64 kB RAM.
C116 - Bil Herd
Bil Herd made a video where he talks about the Commodore C116. Bil was the lead hardware engineer on the TED family of Commodore Computers in the 1980's. The C116 was the first model of the TED family and was the true idea of what the TED family should be.
Recorded Amiga Games
The web page Recorded Amiga Games added more longplay Amiga games last month. Now you can watch: Dick Tracy, Mean Arenas, No Buddies Land, U.N. Squadron, Spellfire the Sorcerrer, Skull and Crossbones, E-Swat - Cyber Police, Telemark Warrior, Shinobi, Soldier of Light, Quest of Agravain, Pixie and Dixie, Super C, Castlevania, Cross Country Racing, Frantic Freddie, Bagitman, Thunderboy and Psyborg.
CBM/PET game videos
Highretrogamelord89 has a YouTube video channel where you can see many videos of retro games. He plays games from the Apple II, DOS, Atari 2600, PC and now also games from the Commodore PET / CBM. A few examples are: Battleship, Bart, Atlantic Patrol, Artillery, Ambush!, Andriod Nim, Acey-deucey, 17 und 4, Arrow, etc.
Amitopia TV
The Amitopia TV web page has been updated recently. There is a news section, an Amiga Gallery and sections about AmigaOS 4, AROS and MorphOS. The TV program will also be available soon. The upcoming programs are: AmigaWorld News, AmiReporters and MusicBox with AmigaWorld ticker.
Recorded Amiga Games
The web page Recorded Amiga Games added more longplay Amiga games last month. Now you can watch: Rodland, Soccerkid, Attack of the green smelly aliens from planet 27, Art of breaking heads, Altered Beast, Fist Fighter, Mortal Kombat II, Super Street Fighter II: The New Challengers, Nobochi: The Big 'Ead With a Mission, Mr. Men Olympics, Castleof Doom and Bargon Attack.
SID Happens
Hawkeye/Maelstroem made a music video. He uses 8 Commodore C64 8580 SID chips. With this 8 SID's and a MIDIbox he constructed a "DIY" SID synthesizer. The sound in the video is made with the 8 SID chips, a machine-drum and a virtual piano. Everything is sequenced and mixed live.

More information about MIDIbox.
Recorded Amiga Games
The web page Recorded Amiga Games added more longplay Amiga games last month. Now you can watch: Epsilon 9: The revenge of the Stingons, Monty Python's flying circus, Darius+, Alfred Chicken, Defenders of the earth, Blazing thunder, Starbirds, Powder, Seemore Doolittle's underwater capers, Seemore Doolittle's toyland capers, Hipoonios, The great escape of Billy burglar and Yogi's great escape.
MadCommodore is a YouTube channel with more than 300 videos of games from the Commodore C64, Plus/4, VIC-20, Amiga and Atari. A few example are: Space Harrier, Gorf, Skyfox, Hungaroring, Arena, Alleykat, Jumping Jack, The Equalizer, Starfire, Siege, Wizard Willy and many more.

Video van Suicide Strike - C64 (Tronix).
Recorded Amiga Games
The web page Recorded Amiga Games added 8 new longplay Amiga games last month. Now you can watch: Captain Bonus in another world, Zalycon,Plexu: The time travellers, Venom Wing, Joyride, Pit Fighter, Peter's Quest: For the love of Daphne and Hard Driving.
Andy made a demonstration video about the BeebSID. The BeebSID is a project from Martin Barr and Tom Walker. They made a circuit board with a SID chip, that connects to the bus of a BBC Micro computer. With the BeebSID you can play SID music on a BBC Micro computer. You can also see a HcX floppy disk emulator that is used to load the SID data.

More information about the BeebSID.