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The GTW64 webpage has had an update. New: Harold V1, McMurphy's Mansion, PlayWriter series, RabbitJack's Casino, Shadow of the Beast V1 and Silvia. Updated: 2400 A.D., Alien game, Batman Returns, Bee 52, Bible Research Systems titles, Bob's Full House V1, CJ In Space, CJ's 4th Adventure, Chops, Defensive, Double Dragon V1, Educational Activities, Inc. titles, Formula 1 Simulator, Formule 1, Gravity X, Hard Drivin' V1, K-TEK Software titles, Karnov V1, Kick Your Brain, LOGO-Logic 1 and 2, Megatanoï, Micro Application titles, Nigel Mansell's Grand Prix, Nuclear Sub Command, Phoenix Lair, Race Drivin', Sprites Software titles, Street Fighter 2 V1, Tetrix, Trucc, Zamzara V1, Zgadula and Zynon.
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