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A firmware update for the uStartCart: You can now "Pause" a game with the "Special" button. The uStartCart can be used to start files via the SDCard and the cartridge menu. The uStartCart supports: PRG, P00, T64, D64, TAP, SID, KLA, KOA, and CRT (8K & 16K).

Midi SID FM Synthesizer Board:
With this expansion board it is possible to turn the uEmbedded64 C64 computer into a 26-voice Midi music synthesizer (24xSID, 2xFM).

SSD HAT - uEliteBoard64:
With the SSD HAT it is possible to use a SSD with the uEliteBoard64 motherboard.
2022-04-08 - 12:20:00 - Week: 14 - Item number: 10088 - Category: C64, Hardware